Saturday, May 4, 2013

Julie G: Tangerine Dream

Hey, everybody! Today marks the halfway point of the Frosted Gumdrops!! :D According to KarenD's recent post this should be the last three-coater. Also, it looks like the next three will have some extra glitters! And speaking of extra glitters, I added the PixieDusts and the three Bond Girls polishes I wanted to my amazon wishlist. lol One day I'll be rich and can just grab them as I see them, but it's nice to have that so I don't forget.

Tangerine Dream! A bright yellow-orange. I did attempt this over It's Peach Not Cherry and it didn't texturize. The color was fine, but what's the point without the texture?!

Uhm.... Okay, so I don't like how weird this color is making my hands look, but everything else I do like. I'm going to add this to the list of colors to try on Eva if I ever get the chance because I think it would look so much better against darker skin.

Now: The Fear!! OMG Sugar Rush was so hard to get off with it's three coats. Going to have to remember to let the remover soak longer tonight....

Okay, naptime. :p Before this stupid toolbar crashes again and I end up losing everything. I think tomorrow I'm going to give St George a whirl. Exciting!! Hope everyone's having a terrific weekend!

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