Monday, May 6, 2013

Julie G: Rock Candy & Serum Update

Hey everybody. :D Uhm... I don't even know where to being so I guess let's just start with the polish. lol Two coats of Rock Candy!

Wow. Okay, while the first three in this collection had a more jelly-like base, this one is more of the... you know, the metallic kind that is like pulverized glitter. Quite the change-up. I like it! :D It's so pretty and sparkly. I thought this one was going to be more green, but on the bright side it will satisfy my craving enough that I can move OPI's Tiffany Case a little further down on my wishlist. I'm not saying they're dupes (I don't know, I couldn't find a comparison), but it looks close. If you haven't seen Tiffany Case Mary's got some great pics over at Swatch & Learn. This kind of looks like that, right? I don't need Tiffany Case just yet. I have Rock Candy!! lol

So sparkly and pretty. :) Oh, and while I have Mary's blog open, she shared this today. If you can't be bothered to click (how lazy are you? :p) it's a birthday promo + giveaway from Pretty Serious Cosmetics. Mary's posted up some amazing swatches from them... and as such I just couldn't live with myself if I used my Nfu-Oh money on another multi-glitter as my first PSC polish. I just can't. I know I won't win and there are so many other colors I love so much more. The exchange rate is pretty good and her shipping rates are very reasonable. I believe it worked out to $13.90AUD = $14.22USD? Something like that. For a glitter? No thanks. One of those spacey duochromes, sure, or one of the other eye-popping glitters perhaps, but those can wait. I'm stalking flakies.

No, I haven't forgotten about the Julep serum update. I've been using it once daily (instead of once weekly like the instruction suggest) and... I'm officially disappointed.


I've got some pretty impressive growth over the past two weeks (probably time for another trim very soon), but the yellowing that was slowly making it's way away... has crept right back up to my moons. -_- Wait... I was saying something... Oh yeah! On the bright side Rock Candy looks close to Tiffany Case but on the not so bright side: Where are all the green textures?! Sure I've got Vespa and In The Rough, but where are the full-on unmistakable omg look at that green greens?! I feel discriminated against. :p

One other little bit of "good news/bad news". *ugh* EA just announced on facebook that Sims 4 will be coming out next year. This shortly after a statement that there wasn't going to be a Sims 4. Should have known better. On one hand, yay more Sims, but on the other... Seriously? Island Paradise doesn't release until June and there's still a whole other stuff pack that was announced that hasn't shown up. Not to mention the whole range of items in the store and two towns I don't have yet... *ugh* Also, I'm fairly certain I'd be needing a whole new computer for that. Something else I should be saving for. Oh, and let's not forget all of the bugs and glitches that are still present and accounted for in Sims 3. How 'bout working on perfecting this one?! Oh, but that's not a sound business decision when they know people will keep shelling out for the new ones.... As much as I like the pre-order bonuses I'm going to be stepping back and waiting until Sims 4 stuff goes on sale. Heck, I got half of my Sims 2 stuff for free with promos. It won't be that bad waiting, right?....

Uhm... hehehe oh yeah. I was going to say "no idea what I'm wearing tomorrow" then I remembered. :p LA Colors Nuclear Energy! Still not sure if it could qualify as a "neon" purple, but it is pretty bright. Hopefully the sun will cooperate, and I hope everybody's week is off to a great start!!


  1. How did your nails get so yellow if you don't mind me asking? Was it a particular polish that stained it, or is it because you change your polish so often?
    The only time I got my nails badly stained was using that green glitter from Julep, the yellow glitter chunks in there stained my nails while I was removing them with a nail polish remover.

    1. I honestly have no idea. I used to think it was from wearing my polish TOO long (months at a time before I went daily), but that's obviously not it. :p I'm thinking it could be genetic. Almost everyone on my dad's side has pretty gnarly nails. If that's the case then I'm just happy they're not all thick. o_O Seriously caught my dad using Jet's claw trimmer on his toes once...


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