Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Julie G: Blueberry Fizz

I don't know what happened. Suddenly I'm up all night and slept 5 hours today.... Okay, I know what happened last night. Got pulled into Fallout 3 and then hit a hot streak on Poker Night 2... ended up unlocking all of the avatar awards! :D Now to get all of the achievements.... Also, I totally spazzed out and spilled polish remover on my not closed laptop and had to open that up (like, with a screwdriver) to dry out. Thankfully I got it working again around 6am. :p Yay, me! So... I didn't get around to nail polish cleanup until after all of that, so it's a bit messy... sorry. :( Please forgive me!!! *ahem* Enough rambling. Julie G Blueberry Fizz!! Two coats.

...I'm going to be honest. I liked the first half of this collection better. I love metallics, but the texture in these seems incidental. Really wish they would have made them all jelly. (Did I just say that?!) Also, Blueberry Fizz is looking really close to Rock Candy so I'm going to go ahead and post the close-ups side-by-side, if only just to satisfy my own curiosity.

Blueberry Fizz

Rock Candy

Uhm.... meh. Maybe they're not that close, but it still seems like one of those could have been green. :p One more to go! And since I was a dirty, rotten liar yesterday it looks like I'm doing two purples in a row. Yes! Tomorrow will be Nuclear Energy. It's supposed to rain, but we should have a blacklight if I need it. Still didn't decide on any amazon polishes, but I think I'm going to grab one (or two) more of the China Glaze Textures. I like how the cream base makes the texture seem more deliberate. lol Guess I should start painting because it's going to be a minimum of four coats with the white base. Oy. Hope everyone's having a terrific week! :D


  1. Hmm I like blueberry fizz better, the color is more fun
    I spilled nail polish remover in my washroom one time, I spilled like half a bottle, my dad was all frantic and was like omg did you spill some chemical, what is that smell!

    1. Oh noes! lol I wonder what he thought you were doing to freak out like that?


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