Monday, May 20, 2013

Illamasqua: Kink & Orly: Sparkling Garbage

Hello, lovelies!! :D Today I have two pretty pretty polishes to share with you. Sparkling Garbage has a sheer green tinted base so I have the bottles together here to show you why I picked Kink as an acceptable under-color.

Not an exact match, but the darker base should help the sparkles pop... "should"? I know it does, but you don't yet. ;) First we have to start with two coats of Kink.

I had a far easier time with Kink than I did with Taint. Same two coats, but Kink was ready for bed in two hours... may have been ready before, but that's how long it took me to get to bed after application, so max time: 2 hours. :p

Gorgeous jungle/hunter green.

Now, gaze in amazement at how much shorter my right hand nails are the flashy wonder that is Sparkling Garbage!

O_o Pretty!! And the name just cracks me up. Sparkling Garbage is a scattered holo and the sparkly bits seem to be a little bigger than your standard holo shimmer. Not a lot, but a little bit.

That's one coat over Kink. No dry time issues. I've read on other blogs that this one takes three coats for opacity.

hehehehehe Guess what?!

Kitten butt! :D For the past few weeks it's been a struggle to get Jet away from the shed to do her business and last night I found out why. We've got, at least, a momma and three or four itty bitty kitties living under there. The sad part is that we can't officially adopt them, we've already got four cats in the house. But they are welcome to stay in the yard as long as they want, and since Saleen is suddenly having problems with the kibble we normally pick up, they may end up getting that when we grab a bag of "digestive health" kibbles for the house cats.

I did end up at Ulta. Picked up Liberty, so I'll be swatching that tomorrow. It did give me a fantastic idea, though, and now I have to get Solitaire before July 4th! Actually, I could cash out some of my SwagBucks into Amazon gift cards and get some textures before the price starts going up... I'll take a look at my wishlist and decide tonight. For now, Libery tomorrow! :D Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

~*~EDIT~*~ I just cashed out 2550 SwagBucks so I can have a $25 amazon gift card in my inbox on the 22nd so I can go ahead and grab the three Bond Girls polishes I want. :p That was an easy decision... lol


  1. Looks awesome! It is a good color combo!
    And that shot of the kitten butt is hilarious; I am sure they will enjoy the kibbles.
    Bond girl polishes? Very exciting hehehe, I am still waiting to spot them at my local winners (similar to TJmaxx), because I hate paying 8 or 9 bucks for OPI.

    1. Thank you :D Yeah, I'm not a fan of OPI's prices, but they're average $7 on amazon so that's a little better. ;) Hope you find them soon!

  2. That orly is gorgeous so sparkly :)

    1. It is! :D Definitely will be wearing this again when my nails grow back out.

  3. Kink looks good grrrlfriend ;) that glitter is lavely, the name is great though ;)


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