Monday, May 13, 2013

Essence: Via Airmail! & Silver Twister +Striping Tape

Good -uh... afternoon, everybody! Man alive the spam-commenters have been in rare form today. Took a nap and woke up to 10 attempts on the same post; all but two were auto-blocked. Anyway, I had this idea for today and I think I executed it about as well as I possibly could. Hopefully you like it. First, though, I have to show you Via Airmail!. Two coats.

I can not say enough good things about this one. Formula? Perfection. So smooth I thought I might be dreaming. Color? A very interesting periwinkle/cornflower blue combination that makes a basic cream something special. Dry time? Exactly as I've come to expect from essence. Shine? OMG Just look. No topcoat here, folks.

If every cream polish were like this one, it could put an end to war... maybe not, but close! I had to kind of get it out of the way, though, because it's actually Step 2 in my arts. Step one is two coats of Silver Twister.

This one took a tad longer to dry than I expected, but it is a bit thicker than my SH chromes. It's also a little more brushstrokey than my other chromes, but with a little care it looks just as fab.

When I decided to go ahead and use the striping tape before my next NAS package gets here, I had this idea in my head for kind of an abstract bridge...

Can you see the bridge? lol If you were looking at it from the side. You know, how the suspension cables go up and down and up and down.... Ah well. I'm not sure Aaron saw it either, but he did like it. lol

Oh lookie! Unrefined (the pink ChG Texture) should be in my mailbox. Good thing I already decided to wear In The Rough tomorrow. Had a couple of lucky survey days on SwagBucks so I'm already up to 42% towards my next $100. Still planning on putting about half that into a savings account. Especially since my 'International' drawer is officially stuffed full... don't really need another $100 worth of polish.... *sigh* No fun being responsible... :p Hope everyone had a great weekend and that your week is off to an even better start! :D


  1. I see the bridge, but only after you pointed it out :p
    It still looks really good though, very mod/abstract
    You should do more nail are since you have sooo much nail area to work with!!

    1. Yay! lol At least I didn't make it too abstract. ;) The hardest part for me (next to actual execution :p) is coming up with ideas! lol

  2. Blue is gooooood, silver is bad, nail art is good - I see the bridge! Artistic minds think alike ;)

    1. LOL! I didn't know you didn't like silver. At least you can see the bridge. ;)


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