Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Essence: Sending You Kisses & Kiss: Neon Orange

Hey everybody! ^_^ Hope we're all having a great day so far. I've been productive, but now I'm sleepy... Going to try and convince myself to jump on the bike after I post this, but... I have a feeling I'll be taking a nap instead. lol

Today we're starting with three (yes, three) coats of Sending You Kisses. While testing the Kiss polishes I neglected to see if Sending You Kisses was sheer, and it kind of is. Thankfully it's essence and didn't take all night to dry.

Sending You Kisses is a super bright pink. Not really neon, but super freaking bright! Absolutely love it. I think it might be a bit brighter over white, but three coats looks nice enough. ;)

Then I decided to do some tiger stripes with the Kiss Nail Art brush in Neon Orange. Just to brighten things up a little bit more.

I was pleasantly surprised by how opaque this one is. For an orange. A neon orange at that.

I know it doesn't look terribly "neon" over the pink like that. That's why I took this picture last night before dropping Aaron off at his friend's.

Yep. Neon. LOL That's kind of my gauge. If it practically glows on it's own in such low light, it's neon. ;)

And... I think it's nap time. Onyx will appreciate that. Like I said before, it's almost the end of the month. I think I'll cut out candy now and restart my bike routine on the 1st. Blaaaaaahhhhhhh....... -_- I miss being young. lol Hope everyone's having a terrific day! :D


  1. Had to increase the brightness of my screen to see the last picture, but wow it is neon!

    1. Yay! Glad you could see it. lol I wish there was some way to standardize monitor settings so y'all can see what I see without extra fuss.

  2. Yup! That's neon all right :D

    If you ever have time I wonder if you could do a post about your fav super bright neons? I'm looking to boost my collection (currently I have one sad neon) so I'm on the market for more!

    Also - not sure but have you purchased OPI Jinx or Zoya Destiny yet? If not OH MY GAWD YOU MUST! I'm wearing Zoya Destiny with a Zoya Solage accent nail and they are both AMAZING but Destiny is a must have!! *swoon*

    1. OMG Jealous! I don't have Destiny OR Solange! I totally spaced and forgot to preorder the set so now I'm slowly trying to pick them up individually. :( *googles*... hrm... I wonder why Jinx wasn't on my wishlist? o_O

      I can absolutely do that! :D We're visiting the in-laws in a few, but I'll start putting the list together once we get back.

  3. Have a good visit!

    Yay thank you can't wait to see the neon list :)

    Also - HOW did you miss Destiny / Jinx? (I hear they're similar enough that you don't 'need' both unless you REALLY want them both)?! HOW did you miss Solage? o_O LOL! I kid. I kid :)

    1. LOL I don't know! XD It's awful, right? I was totally going to pre-order the full set like I did last time and.... it just escaped me. o_O


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