Friday, May 3, 2013

essence: My Little Kimono & It's Peach Not Cherry

Hello, everybody! Since I only got half of them I didn't think it proper to title this one "Cherry Blossom Girl Collection", so those are the two I got. My Little Kimono and It's Peach Not Cherry. The other two in the collection were Fortune Cookie (yellow) and Cherry Cherry Girl (red). Let's not dwell on those things I don't have (lol), but rather jump right in to those I do! Starting with.....

02 My Little Kimono:

A sort of light, taupey brown with iridescent shimmer. This is two coats.

Uhm... the first one is more color-accurate, the second one shows off the shimmer better. :p I hate my stupid camera. LOL

Next is 04 It's Peach Not Cherry.

A basic orangey coraly peachy cream. As you can probably see, after two coats it does a nice job of showing off how well Julep's cuticle serum ISN'T making my nails less ridgey.

Ridges aside, I am loving the color. So bright and fun! Not one I would normally reach for, but this one called to me. I'm considering layering Tangerine Dream over this to help with the sheerness that I know is coming, but... I don't want to bork the color! Oy... I'll do a test run tonight and see what I think. Speaking of what I think... I think it's time I went out and grabbed dinner... :p I should have done it after dropping Aaron off, but... I was hoping to avoid the situation. I was wrong. lol Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!! :D

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