Monday, May 27, 2013

Blog In May: Day 27

Today's prompt:
A letter to your readers

Dear Readers,

I have been blogging for going on seven years. Started on MySpace as just a way to share my thoughts and interesting bits with my friends. Even so I didn't have many readers back then. After everyone left MySpace for facebook I decided I wasn't done blogging. It had become a cathartic and important part of my routine. Brak and I found Blogger and decided to set up our respective 'shops' here. Only a small percentage of my friends followed me here which means that nearly all of you are "new" readers! As depressing as this should be (since I do have real life friends and only a scarce couple can be bothered), I find it very exciting. I can't say that what you read is all of me, but all that I share is me. Which means you like me! You really like me!! LMAO In all seriousness I'm sure most of you popped over for the polish, and it's deeply touching that so many of you have stayed in spite of (or, perhaps, because of) my more personal blogging style.

To those of you who comment regularly: Thank you. I would continue blogging without you, but having you here makes it all so fulfilling and helps me feel a lot less crazy than I do when I'm talking to myself. You guys are the absolute best. It tickles me to know that there are people that I have so much in common with in vastly different parts of the world and from such different backgrounds. Also, it gives me hope. What I mean is that I've always told people never to give up because "there's someone for everyone out there" because I believe that, ya know? The internet has made our world so small and accessible and you guys are proof of that. Proof, also, that not everybody you find online is an asshole. Humanity's not quite doomed yet!

To those who don't comment: I love you guys, too. Perhaps you just haven't gotten around to deleting me from your blog feed. That's okay. Either way I'm glad to have you here for as long as you are here. :)

It is my sincerest hope that you are all doing well and that your lives are (or soon will be) filled with love and happiness.


Tomorrow's prompt:
Only pictures


  1. "Perhaps you just haven't gotten around to deleting me from your blog feed. "
    LOLOLOL that is brutal honesty haha, I'm pretty sure I only have a handful of returning readers so it's all good
    Yea you know blogging really gave me an opportunity to get in touch with people I never ever would have encountered in real life, people of different age and background and everything, it's kind of really really awesome!!!

    1. It is really awesome! I think that's my favorite part. You already have something in common and there aren't all kinds of expectations like if you meet someone on a dating site or something. Internet friendships can be fleeting, but you end up meeting so many interesting people. :)

  2. I admit I came for the polish, I checked daily because you are on of the few bloggers I follow who updated nearly every day and your posts are so interesting, but I stayed because of your personal style. The challenge you've been doing actually made me more interested in your blog and you as a person (which to be honest surprised me, I thought at first 'gak! but...but....where's the polish?!') and it was so cool to realize I had so much in common with you (aah kindred e-spirit!). And it's nice to follow a blogger who makes a point to reply to comments and actually gets to know your readers (well as much as a blogger can :) ) Keep up the awesome, lady!

    1. AW! *hugs* I'm glad you decided to stay. :D And I'm sure I'll always have plenty of polish to keep things interesting. LOL

  3. I came because Jasmine recommended you and I am so glad I stayed. Somehow I missed following you with google reader, so I send a lot of comments in one day. I am now a loyal follower and commenter. :) I really am happy to have found your blog. I love how small it makes the world seem. I love the polish posts. I recently started painting my nails again because of you and Jasmine. Yay!!

    1. Yay!! :D So glad to have you. I found you through Jasmine as well. She has great taste, huh? lol


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