Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog In May: Day 22

Today's prompt:
Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel.

Oh dear. I don't know if it comes across as much recently, but I am very opinionated. Also, by and large, I really don't like people. They bother me. There are so many things that people do that just irritate the hell out of me... I could write a series of books. Ever wonder why I spend so much time online? Yep, avoiding people. :p In the interest of relative brevity I wanted to try and narrow it down a little, focus on one thing without leaving out too much. Last night the answer finally came to me! It's so simple because it covers so much. So many problems that us decent people have are the direct result of:

People who think the rules don't apply to them!!!

*falls over* 100% of crime and 100% of bad drivers are because there are so many people who think they don't have to follow the rules. The really sickening part is that "the system" is being warped not only to protect but in many cases reward people who break the rules! It's a wonder anybody lives within the law at all anymore. The way that society functions is that there are laws in place to protect people from murderers, thieves, rapists, etc. The only way for this to work is to have either a system of rewards for people who follow the rules or a system of punishment for those that don't. It's ridiculously stupid, but people need a reason to not break the law. We don't really have a reward system, and more and more we're lacking a definitive system of punishment as well. I'm sure innocent people get locked up, but that's just a small part of an increasingly broken system. Evidence gets thrown out, loopholes are exploited, people are bribed. It's fucked up and it makes me sick.

That's just the big end result. People don't just up and decide as an adult that it's suddenly okay to kill or rob or even speed down the road weaving in and out of traffic without so much as a blinker-signal. It starts early. Whenever a smart kid lets someone cheat of their paper they're saying "cheating is okay". Whenever a parent refuses to follow-up on a grounding or time-out just because the punishment is a bother to them, they're saying "it's okay to lie/steal/bully/etc". I saw something a few weeks ago that saddened and infuriated me. A woman was walking into Walgreens with her... son or grandson. The little boy was heading to the further away "IN" door and this woman grabbed his head and lead him right into the closer "OUT" door. He says to her, "but that door says 'Do Not Enter'" and she says, I kid you not, "It doesn't matter, it's just a sign". WHAT?! That little boy is trying to follow the signs and do the right thing! That behavior should be encouraged not diminished. Signs are important. Sadly, something as simple as this could make him think that "no left turn" and "do not litter" and "no firearms on premises" are meaningless. They're just signs, they don't apply to me...

I'm not saying all laws are just. Certainly not! Believe me, I'm glad that segregation is over and I can vote. But there are some rules that people think are stupid, but are in place for a reason. "Do Not Litter" and "Keep Off Grass" are trying to keep parks nice and pretty so everyone can enjoy them. Leash laws are in place to protect both the public and the dog. I know too many people who think it's okay to walk their dog without a leash because "s/he doesn't bite". Okay first, I don't know that, second you don't know that, third you don't know when something unfamiliar is going to happen by, dog takes off and gets hit by a car. It's a safety issue. Same with seatbelts, carseats and booster seats for kids that are too big for a carseat, but not quite tall enough for the seatbelt to fit proper.

As I was saying, sure, not all laws are just or appropriate. There are ways to change the law that are far more effective than blatantly breaking them. I've seen five laws changed or repealed just this year alone from Which, hey, we should all try that out and see if we can't get this "nail polish is dangerous and explosive" bullcrap law changed for mailing. Breaking laws proves nothing when, especially in America, we have the combined power to make changes. Incidentally, here in America, this power is often misused to push religious agenda on others. A blatant slap in the face to our founding fathers... but that's another rant altogether.

The biggest rule that people break that makes life ever so much more difficult for others... goes by many names. The most common is the "Golden Rule". I haven't followed a Christian path for 14 years, but even I know in my heart to treat others the way I would like to be treated. Without the threat of hellfire and damnation to "make" me do it.

So that's it. My rant. We're all in this together and no one person is any more (or less) special than anybody else. The rules apply to us all and following them allows the societal machine to run much more smoothly.

Tomorrow's prompt:
Things you've learned that school won't teach you

hrm.... Guess I know what I'll be thinking about during my mom's appointment. :p


  1. Oh your rant is quite multi faceted, hmm I think the little boy example hit me the hardest, I think good parenting is so important, people who don't have basic manners and regards for acceptable social behavior simply shoudn't be allowed to have kids in my opinion, I remember one time a mom just told her kid to leave his empty drink on the display shelf of a store -_-
    Speaking of rules though, I totally jaywalk ALL THE TIME, but I only do it when there are no cars in sight, still, I know it's wrong :(

    1. I totally agree. If kids are our future, then people should need training or something to have them. lol Jaywalking, I think, is something a lot of us are forced into. There simply aren't enough crosswalks available! I'll walk a block to find one on a busy road, but any more than that is just too far. Some streets don't have any! It's like they don't want people getting anywhere on foot.

  2. I completely agree!! I can't stand it either. I love that my daughter is such a rule follower. I am always aware of this so I try to be the best role model I can be for her. Rules are put into place for a reason.

    1. Yay! :D So glad to hear it. We need more parents providing a good influence. :)

  3. *blinks* WOW we have another thing in common?! I generally dislike people (in the broad sense, I have lots of individuals I like!) too. Sometimes I 'blame' it on my extreme introversion. I simply don't have energy or desire to sit there and listen to someone drone on about themselves and 'mememe' nor do I feel the need to pretend to want to engage in small talk (I HATE SMALL TALK!) to make strangers feel more comfortable around me.

    But yes, entitlement is SUCH a huge turn off for me. I used to work in an elementary school and the amount of parents/kids/teachers that felt like rules didn't apply to them was staggering!

    And talk about rules not applying - four way stops are SUCH a hazard in my town because either people don't know how to use them (waving people through even if they got to the stop first - which only messes up the flow of traffic! >_<) or going before it's their turn or not stopping at the stop sign at all!! o_O!!

    *rages*. I'm with you on this one!

    1. Hey! You have a picture now. :D Hi! *waves* OMG It's so sad that I actually get giddy when traffic flows smoothly through a 4-way stop. It should be like that always! >_< Yeah, I have a handful of individual people that I like, but even some of my friends can wear on me after a while.... lol I don't mind small talk as long as the person doesn't mind me not paying attention. ;)

    2. Thanks! :)

      "I don't mind small talk as long as the person doesn't mind me not paying attention. ;)" LOL! Best quote ever!

      *cries on Lizzy's shoulder* does getting excited over smooth flowing traffic make us old or does it mean we're the only sane drivers on the road? or both?

      But in more important news-I took your recommendation and signed up with opinion outpost. I earned $10!!!!!!!!! (that I immediately put toward my 'nail polish allowance' hehe. I have to pace myself or I go crazy :/) THANK YOU SO MUCH for telling me about this!!! *dances* *runs to nailpolishcanada*

    3. OMG Yay!! :D I'm glad it's working out for you. That makes me happy I can help.

      lol People keep telling me I'm not that old, so perhaps we're just part of an elite group of sane drivers. We should get fancy hats to wear. ;)


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