Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blog In May: Day 18

Today's prompt:
Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.

I have a lot of really good memories from my childhood. The problem is that most of them are fragmented and I know that some of them are false memories, intermixing with dreams and such. There is, however, one day in particular that stands out. My parents were (are?) very happy to be parents. Not in the way that some people have kids just to push them and bask in their reflected accomplishments or treat them as status boosters. They didn't go around throwing us in people's faces or complaining about how hard they worked or all they sacrificed by having us. Oh no. My mom took great personal pride and pleasure in volunteering at the school (a small school; K-12 making up about 500 students) and my dad, while a hard worker, was far from a work-a-holic. Once he got home the work day was over and it was time for his girls. We were encouraged to do our best, but never pushed in directions that weren't right for us; and we never had to question whether or not we were loved.

And so came the legendary "Park That Daddy Found". One day we were all sitting at home, homework finished and dinner started; anxiously waiting for my dad to get home so we could ride his feet to the couch. (the price of this ride was taking off his smelly army boots... a price we devised because we wanted to help AND it was terribly funny to us how bad his feet smelled at the end of the day... we were odd... lol) He came in all excited and asked of his waiting family, "Guess what I found on the way home?" with a big grin plastered across his face. I'm sure our guesses were childishly outrageous and finally once we were all guessed out he told us that he found a new park for us to go to on Saturday. Said it was BIG and he couldn't believe he hadn't noticed it before. This, of course, elicited a round of cheers and our little gears started turning trying to figure out what could make this park so special? Aside from it's size, that is; and the fact that he found it. The park probably had a proper name, but from that day we always knew it as "The Park That Daddy Found", which I'm sure made him feel like some kind of superhero. ;)

The day could not have been any more beautiful. Sunny with some clouds so it didn't get to hot and just a light breeze. The park... was magical. They had stuff we had never seen before! I wish I had the picture that I know I have of it, but I don't know which album it's in, or my sister might have it. Anyway, imagine a giant square, with a convenient crater in the middle. Why convenient? Because they had the longest slides ever going right into it! Two slides, one on each side. One was bumpy, the other wavy. The stairs going back to the top were killer, but we were kids! We had energy to spare. lol The bottom of the 'crater' was empty, but it was the perfect place for us to learn that our dad had yet another talent of which we were formerly unaware. In addition to his multiple other talents he could throw a boomerang! And have it come back!! AND CATCH IT! He tried to teach us, but it didn't quite work so he threw it while we ran around trying to catch it.

Oh, but that's just slides and a crater. :p What about the other stuff? Well, the top part of the park had picnic tables and water fountains and a sandbox and swings. Your normal playground stuff. They also had a little merry-go-round; the kind with bars that run off of people-power? We always loved those. Started off with a death-grip on the bars because we knew he would get it spinning fast enough to fling us into space. There was also some contraption that was similar to a merry-go-round, except it was bigger, higher up, no bars and angled. o_O No idea what the purpose of that was, but we spent a few minutes walking up the incline making it spin around. The other big find at this park was the zip line! This wasn't any baby line either. The platform was at least five feet high (my dad had to reach up to fling us to the other end, where my mom was waiting to catch us) and the distance was a good 30-40ft. There was a round disc you could either sit or stand on and man we had so much fun on that! It became our first stop on subsequent trips.

We brought a picnic lunch of tuna sandwiches and Squeeze-Its (colored sugar water in plastic bottles that had funny faces). I remember the Squeeze-Its in particular because one of my sisters, probably Annalisa, laughed so hard at something it came out of her nose. Which, of course, made the rest of us laugh even harder. I laughed so hard I fell off of the bench, nearly losing what was left of my sandwich in the process. It was a fantastic day that was over far too quickly. The kind of day where you're still super excited by the time you get home, but pass right out from exhaustion. There were a few parks we visited a couple of times a month, and this one easily fit into the rotation.

Tomorrow's prompt:
Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

Yay! Another easy one. lol


  1. Oh that was so fun to read, brings back memories of me playing in the playground, but the parks I have been to are obviously not as cool as "the park that daddy found".

    1. Perhaps not, but I'm glad it stirred up some fond memories for you. :D


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