Friday, May 17, 2013

Blog In May: Day 17

Today's prompt:
A favorite photo of yourself and why

This one was difficult for a couple of reasons. Most of the pictures of myself I hate... for some reason or other. Oftentimes what shows up in images just doesn't match the image I have of myself in my head. The pictures I do like... I really really like. Possibly because there are so few. So... I picked two. Well, three. I'll just leave the link for the third because it is borderline adult and I don't want to assault your delicate sensibilities if you happen to have such things. lol

hehehe I like this one because 1) I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts and 2) my face and hair have a sort of anime quality; with the big eyes and almost non-existent mouth. 3) Along those lines my giant nose was blessedly obscured by the "antique movie" filter. LOL

ROFLMAO!!! Back in the heyday of Myspace I had a little self-comic book project I was working on. It became fairly popular but, of course, as soon as it did I started running out of ideas on where I was going to go with it! See, I had this skull popping up out of nowhere and that was about the extent of my "comic". So one night I was sitting here thinking and thinking and suddenly it came to me! We had pulled a fake mustache out of one of those quarter machines so I "disguised" myself as a dude and we turned the back porch into a make-shift movie theater for me to hide in. It was so much fun and gave me almost a week's worth of "episodes". Of course Myspace turned into a ghost town shortly after, which is what brought me to blogger in the first place, but it's something Aaron and I still laugh about today.

The last one is from a whole different set of pictures of myself. Okay, so during my adolescence I weighed a steady 135lbs. Which I know now wasn't that much, but we all know how cruel kids can be. I was literally starving myself, and it became normal so I rarely felt hungry. Then... I met Aaron. He is something else, let me tell ya. While nobody else ever questioned my eating habits, he made it his mission to feed me at every possible opportunity. While some more superficial men might balk at their wives gaining a few pounds, he never treated me any differently as my weight ballooned. I grew up wearing hand-me-downs from a myriad of sources (so my clothes never really fit quite right) and with no full-length mirrors and me taking his word on the matter I didn't realize I was gaining so much weight until I was nearly 190lbs. Which was a far bigger problem for me than it ever was to him. To combat my suddenly low-self esteem he started doing naked photo shoots with me and posting them up on a certain website where negative commenting is cause for banishment. So, naturally, people only comment on pictures they like! Which is the way it should be anyway. I don't always like the pictures, of course, but there are a few that I do. Like this one. Assuming photobucket hasn't removed it, even though I did crop out the really naked bits. :p

I think this ended up a bit longer than the challenge intended. The thing is... I know a lot of us struggle with body image and self-esteem and I really do think it's important to focus on the things we like about ourselves; and having pictures of ourselves that we like is a part of that.

Tomorrow's prompt:
Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.

I may have an idea... it was a long time ago. LOL


  1. In the first picture, you sort of look like a really angsty jennifer lawrence!
    I initially thought you drew that second picture but that's cool, very exaggerated facial and body language lol
    I was hesitant to click on your link for the third but whew, not too innapropriate (I was scared it was going ruin the image of you in my mind!) Aaron is a superhero, how sweet of him! I have to find someone like that!

    1. Aw hehehe Thanks. :) I told Aaron what you said and it made him blush. I'm glad #3 wasn't too much. lol

  2. I also have been all over the weight scale gammet. I am happy with my body now. I eat, I excerise (which I absolutely hate). My husband has never once complained about my weight (except when I was too skinny once). I find more men want curvy women than they want stick women. Bravo to you and your husband. At my heaviest I weight 240 pounds. That was a scary number!

    1. hehehe I actually got to that mystical point when people start liking working out. I never should have stopped. 240 is pretty scary and I'm glad you came down from that. I know Aaron would have said something if I got too skinny, too. He kept his eyes on me to make sure I wasn't getting fanatical. lol


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