Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blog In May: Day 14

Today's prompt:
Ten things that make you really happy

Hrm... let's see...

1. My husband - Yes, I'm taking a cop-out answer as one of my slots. Some days I want to throw a brick at his head, but overall he does make me very happy. lol

2. My Children - That link should take you to my facebook album which should be public. Most notably my sweet, black-hearted daughter Onyx.

3. Sims! - Yes, Sims helps to satisfy my mild god-complex. Whenever I'm feeling out of control there is something over which I have full control.

4. Nail polish - It's so pretty. A simple thing, a dash of color, but also an entire world full of wonderful people when you get into it. There are some bad eggs, sure, but there's a distinct sense of community that I like very much.

5. Swimming - I'm not a very adept swimmer, but I just love being in the water. It's so relaxing. One day I'll have a hot tub and live the rest of my days as a prune. lol

6. Sanrio - Most of my collection is Hello Kitty, but to be honest my most favorite is Keroppi. He's just harder to come by. I do like them all, though. So happy and friendly and cute. :) 7. Sleep - Yep, sleep. Who doesn't love sleep?

8. Candy! - I'm awful, I know, but candy candy candy.

9. Free stuff - Even if it's not something I particularly want or need, free stuff regifts as well as other stuff! Ahhhh.... free.

10. Oh! Road trips! - I love traveling. Seeing new things and getting the hell away from here. That's pretty sweet.

Yeah... I struggled a bit with that one. You know what would make me immeasurably happy? A vacation. A real one away from here with a hotel and everything. For at least a full weekend. That would be nice.

Tomorrow's prompt:
A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)

I guess I should get those pictures today, huh? :p Would make the process a bit easier.


  1. Hehe Onyx looks like 'get that camera out of my face!' Also - I don't think you're alone in the 'I love my husband but *sometimes* I wanna throw something at him' hehehe
    And also x3 I also love road trips! ^u^

    1. LOL That's actually one of her nicer faces. ;) She can look downright evil if she's in a bad mood. OMG Road trips are awesome. We used to drive all the way up to Maine and back for the summer before gas got insanely expensive. -_-

  2. That third picture (one of Jet) looks demonic!
    I had to google Keroppi, but I know that frog, when I was little, I had a sand art picture I made of him hanging above my piano hehe, very memorable!
    I also enjoy swimming, not so much doing laps or getting in and out of the pool, but the feeling of being in water feels nice.
    Also wicked picture of your husband!

    1. LOL I have the hardest time photographing them indoors because of the flash. That's funny, Aaron was just asking me why I had that up. :p "Two-face makes you happy?" *facepalm* Yeah, that's why. lol

  3. The mask is amazing. Your cat is so pretty. I had one just like her but unfortunately is no longer with us.

  4. Awwww sweeets kitties, husband, candy I like this one :) it's nice and happy!

  5. Most of my blogger friends also mentioned nail polish in some way, so I'm glad I'm not the only crazy out there who finds it almost therepeutic!

    OMG #!0 why didn't I think of that too! I LOVE ROAD TRIPS! In fact, we are all planning one for the upcoming long weekend lol

    1. lol Definitely not just you. ;) Have fun on your trip!! :D

  6. I love your kitty! We have so many common interests. My favorite is Keroppi too. He is soo cute! So, let's talk candy...hard or soft? Chocolate, fruity or gummy? I love candy. Pop Rocks are one of my favorites. Road trips and free stuff...yep love both of those! Swimming and Sims...check! I don't know your husband, but he looks pretty awesome too.

    1. OMG I'm addicted to gummies! Pop Rocks are pretty sweet, too. I just had a bad streak getting packets that were, like, melted? So I didn't get them for a while. Totally fun to eat, though. :D


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