Friday, May 31, 2013

OPI: Solitaire

Hello hello hello. Such a busy day and it's not even done yet. Took my mom's van for inspection (thankfully it passed the first time) then when I was getting the registration taken care of I notice that her plates are expired and I have to do that, too. Thankfully it was an easy process all at the same window. *phew* Aaron offered to come with me through all of that (though I think I'll be on my own when I take care of the car...) so I took him up on it. :p So it wasn't all as bad as it could have been. Not to mention I had some pretty pretty nails while I was out being all responsible.

Solitaire! This is three coats, and they're still a bit sheer. It doesn't bother me much, though, because the VNL isn't super obvious or dark like it can get with creams and shimmers. Texture disguises VNL. ;) Solitaire looked pretty frosty when I saw her on Swatch & Learn, but in person it really isn't. It is a little bit, but mostly it looks like crushed diamonds!

As soon as I got that in my head I couldn't stop thinking of Shiva from Final Fantasy. DIAMOND DUST!! Which, if you don't know, is actually an ice attack. LOL Like I said, three coats. Drying time was really quick. Three coats and out of the house in 45 minutes with no issues. Well, one tiny issue, but it's with all of the texture polishes. Don't stick your fingers in anything. :p I need water and a scrubby brush to keep these polishes clean and white especially has been bad about showing grime. Mostly motor grime today between swapping the plates and having to gap the spark plug in the mower since I forgot to yesterday. As soon as he asked me I remembered my dad showing me how, but it just totally escaped me when I was putting it in. Hopefully that's why it wasn't shutting off because I really don't want to have to open it up to check out the safety lever. Or whatever it's called.

I don't know if she's doing any better, but I just checked on Saleen and she was sitting up and looking back at me. I'm going to pick up a can of tuna and see if she'll eat that. Cristy S found a daily post thing for June (check it out here) and some of those look really interesting so I'm probably going to give that one a go as well. Ya know, since everybody responded so positively to the last one and it doesn't look like anybody OD'ed on me. lol No worries! Before I fire up Sims I'll get the rafflecopter thingy worked out and have my giveaway posted on my next polish post. Tomorrow! Like I said. Because I'm trying to lie less. LOL Tomorrow I will be swatching Dosh and then Sunday will be Tiffany Case! Fiona just shipped so I should get that soon. Still working hard on tablet monies. Made the SwagBucks goal every day this past month, and right now I have enough for the 5 discounted amazon cards. So all of next month will be "extra". I'll do another big rundown towards the end of June. My brakes will be fixed by then so hopefully I'll have some real life monies to add to the total.

And..... that's it? I think. Hope everybody has a fantastic weekend!

Blog In May: Day 31

Today's prompt:
A Vivid Memory

What a wild ride, eh? Goodness. So... a vivid memory, huh? I think I shared most of those... well, most of those that aren't too personal or entirely too X-rated. Not going with a sad one (though most of the clear memories I have are sad). What to do, what to do....

One of my most vivid memories is entirely fabricated. It's not a real memory, but I remember it with absolute clarity. So how do I know it's fake? Simple. When I was a kid of very-nearly 6 years old we were in a car on our way to the airport to fly to Germany. The sun was setting and moving is such an exhausting ordeal. I was in the back seat and the airport was right in front of us. To the left of the airport I could see Venus rising. Not teeny little star Venus. Five times bigger than the moon Venus. Let me tell ya, it was breathtaking. Quite possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I know I wasn't mistaking the moon for anything because the moon was up and to the right from Venus, more over the airport. I knew it had to be Venus because that's the next closest planet and it wasn't red like Mars. (Yes, I was young, but we had just left my grandparents and my grandma didn't believe youth was an excuse for ignorance)

So, yes, totally fake totally vivid memory that I never told anybody (partially because I assumed everyone else had seen it, too) and believed in my heart was real. I know now that I had to have nodded off at some point, perhaps my mom or somebody mentioned Venus in the sky and my half-asleep brain fabricated what I imagined "Venus rising" would look like. Still... I wish I was a better painter so I could show you what I saw and just how beautiful it was.

*phew* What a month. lol Now it's time to post up and get to working on my mom's van. Inspection and registration today. -_- Hope everyone had a terrific month. lol

Thursday, May 30, 2013

NEONS!!! (Beware The Claw)

HI! :D Norma requested a post on my favorite brightest neons, so here we go! Y'all know I do what I can to take requests, right? I mean, it's not like I have anything better to do. lol One teensy little warning: I didn't feel like pulling the chair down off the deck so I used my sister's weight bench. It's been sitting in the elements forever so there's a bit of rust... Just letting you know in case you see it in the background and think "OMG GROSS!" Whatever you think it is, it's not. Just rust. LOL

On with the show, eh?! I thought I was going to have a ton more neons to choose from, but as it turns out... I need more. hehehe *ahem* I went with two of the best and brightest of the four "true" neons and grabbed one each of blue and purple just to round it out. It's hard to classify them as "neon", but they're the brightest for what they are. Again, I can't make any promises on how easy they are to find, these are just the ones I have.

All swatches (minus one, which I'll explain when I get there) are two coats over a white base. Click on the name/link to see the original post with the polish fully swatched. Ya know, if you want to. lol Starting with...

LA Colors Lightning. Need a totally rockin' in your face pink? This will definitely do it for ya.

Zoya Ali. A darker pink, but nearly red. Looks a bit more neon in pics unless you're in bright sun.

Sinful Colors Summer Peach. Not peach, but a very neon orange. You really should click this one to see it prettier.

China Glaze Japanese Koi. One of my faves. Doesn't need white underwears, 4 coats for perfect opacity but it dries quick and is worth it.

LA Colors Flicker. Pure yellow neon. Like toxic lemons.

Sinful Colors Neon Melon. This one has a slightly greenish cast making it a bit more highlighterish than Flicker.

China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada. The more pure green neon. It's a bit darker indoors.

China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard. I don't think this one needs undies either. Has some silver shimmer that makes it very pretty and a little different from your average neon.

China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise. Do NOT layer this over white! LOL It doesn't need it and, in fact, it caused the white to melt so I was getting dings left and right. Not seriously neon, but has it's own inner glow that makes it very bright even without sun. (It's what I'm wearing in my current thumbnail pic up top)

Sinful Colors Dream On. It's hard to make purple neon, I get that. This is one case where SC beats out ChG, though, because Dream On is brighter (with a nicer formula) than Flying Dragon. Which I should re-swatch...

To give you an idea of how they look together, and to show them in different lights (sans bright sun since it's mostly cloudy again) I have a few more pics. These first two I took with my phone in the car. The sun was shining, but my phone was more interested in color than brightness. lol Also, I hadn't gotten around to cleaning up my edges yet. :p

Next two are with my normal camera while the sun was trying to peak out from behind the clouds.

And these final two are indoors, normal camera with flash.

*phew* So, Norma, bright enough for ya? lol How 'bout the rest of you? Any favorites? I had totally forgotten (for shame!) that Models Own was putting out new neons, until Abbie posted up Luis Lemon. *sigh* I need those, too... lol Thankfully NinjaPolish has them for $8 so I don't get screwed on conversion and shipping. Between those, the tablet and the PixieDusts... omg. That's all I got. "omg" Also, I was a teensy bit bad when I got a restock notice from Julep and decided that since they were already having a sale I ought to use my 50% off coupon so... I ordered Fiona for $5.48 altogether. I know! I'm terrible. At least I'm not scrambling for $40(+shipping) to get those neons... Even though I really really want to. lol

Still no sign of Saleen. Well, that's not entirely true. Aaron and I were searching last night and we heard a collar jangle behind us (while the rest of the cats were in front of us) so... I dunno. Icarus has been acting weird and since she was the nicest one to him that doesn't seem good. Nothing we can do, though, so I'm just trying to think happy thoughts for her. Whatever happens I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Good news (because I like to end on a high note) I fixed the lawnmower! Sorta... It does work and the front yard is mowed, just that it won't shut off when we release the safety handle and it kinda belches black smoke. Which I'm trying to assume is age and burning off the old oil respectively. At least the front got done before the landlord gets here and that's what I really wanted. Cuz he can be kind of an ass and wouldn't care that it's been raining all month. :p

Hope you liked my neon extravaganza and that everyone is having a great week! Tomorrow I'm going to subtle it down with Solitaire so come on back for that. ;)

Update: Found Saleen behind the TV stand. I'm assuming she feels safer back there since we can't reach her and the other cats don't go back there. Guess I'll be keeping an on her. Moved some boxes so she can get out easier if she wants to.... we'll see, I guess.

Blog In May: Day 30

Today's prompt:
React to this term: Letting Go


lol I have a hard time letting go. Of anything. Ever. Whenever I hear or see anything (especially bad on facebook with all the sappy share-images) about 'letting go' my mind goes to one of two things. One thing, the lesser of the two, is hurt, pain, grudges, etc. Do not cross me. If I manage to forget it then you're lucky because I'm old an my memory's going. I can hold onto hurt like nobody's business. I don't let it rule me, it stays compartmentalized in the back of my brain so I'm sure never to trust you again, and you can be sure I'll have my eye on you if you get anywhere near the people I care about. Oh and I'll let them know, too. Many people believe that forgiveness is good for the soul. "It's for you, not them". I say Bullshit! "They're going on with their lives and you're the one sitting here making yourself crazy." Who's crazy? And who's to say that my negative impressions aren't working subtly against them? Who's to say that if enough people know and wished you ill because of your deeds that it wouldn't culminate and guide Karma? In my book forgiveness is the same as saying "It's okay". It's not okay. And I'll be the one to remind you. Not saying I'm perfect, I know I've hurt people. I expect the same from them. If they want to forgive and let go then that's their business, although I know for a fact that at least one has not.

On the flip-side, the one thing that forces itself to the front of my brain upon hearing or seeing anything about "letting go" is people. "Let go of the people from your past or you can't move into the future". No. Let me say it again: NO. Once more in Spanish: NO! Once you're my friend, assuming you never cross me, we're friends forever. I don't care how long it's been, you call or write or look me up I will be here. There was a guy I met in 2nd grade (waaaaaay back in 1988) who I am still friends with. This was before facebook made keeping in touch and finding people so easy. We were in Germany, more friendly rivals than actual friends. After a couple of years his family moved to Pennsylvania, we moved to Texas. We kept in touch. Sometimes not hearing from each other for years, but one of us would call or email and there we were. Friends. I think we're better friends now than when we were kids, and I think for both of us our friendship is important because we were both army brats and long-term friendships are so hard to maintain with that kind of upbringing. My friend Sandy moved to Florida for a couple of years after high school, didn't hear from her the whole time. Called me up saying she was coming back *BOOM* picked up right where we left off. I am well aware that things happen and people grow apart, but if I don't feel abandoned when I quit hearing from you, I won't abandon you. Ever. Again, I'm only human so there are some people I'm sure I've forgotten along the way, but hey, you look me up after all these years I'll talk to ya 'til I remember. There seem to be fewer and fewer worthwhile people roaming around so I think it's good to keep access to people you like. Even if it's purely superficial. There are people I call "friend" that I don't expect to do a thing for me, but they're worthwhile and it makes me feel worthwhile that they "need" me. Even if just for the occasional "you can do it" or "it'll be okay".

Incidentally I am also a bit of a packrat. Not as much as my mom or grandma, but it's there. I know I have a lot of stuff around that I could (and should) get rid of, but thankfully our dinky city-provided trashcan and once-weekly pick-up make clearing out junk a slow process. :p

Final prompt:
A vivid memory

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

China Glaze: Of Coarse!

Good evening! I had the pics this morning, but as some of you know we went to visit the inlaws today. Sort of. Aaron's mom took us to see his sister. My brakes need work and it's a sharp turn off a highway to get to her. Anyway, that's why I'm so late getting to everything. ;) I thought we were going to see the kids (still in school for another week or so) and I thought they'd like the texture so that's why today is Of Coarse!... of course. hehehehe

Two coats, just as fabulous as the rest. If I was thinking about it I would have compared it against Milani's Aqua Splash, but... I didn't. :p Of Coarse! is obviously darker, but comparisons are fun and informative. lol

So awesome... still have two more of these to get. Plus the rest of the PixieDusts. I did get Solitaire and Tiffany Case in the mail last night, so those will be coming up shortly. Norma requested a post on my favorite super bright neons! :D I can't attest to their availability, but I do have a list of my favorites. Just have to dig them out of their drawers and NEON SKITTLES! Probably have to draw a diagram to keep them all straight. lol

On a more somber note, we have a sick kitty. :( Saleen. She was doing better yesterday, but today she seems worse and has suddenly gone MIA. Not terribly surprised, cats do that when they're not feeling well or are injured. If you feel so moved I'm sure she could use some happy thoughts sent her way.

I hate to leave y'all on a downer... My first two discounted amazon cards came through. :) I won't do a full rundown so soon, but I am making some nice, steady progress. Felt a tad assy when Autumn told us all of the kids have tablets, but... whatever. I guess that's just how it is these days, huh? Not going to let being behind slow me down. Just going to pull up my big girl panties, pull out my neons, and skittle me up a mani while I round out my SwagBucks total. ;) Hope everyone's having a great day.

Blog In May: Day 29

Today's prompt:
Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories.

I would like to point out that while I do like these songs an awful lot, if I were to sit and think about it at all... they probably wouldn't make my Top 10. I like lots of music so a Top 10 would be very difficult. I noticed this one towards the beginning of the challenge and was a bit distressed over which songs to pick. About a week ago I decided that I would pick the five songs that somehow... speak to something very deep inside of myself. It's not easy to put my finger on it as these songs in particular tend to make me space out. Even so I do like them and I hope you enjoy them as well.

The Guess Who - These Eyes: This one I remember hearing as a kid (you know, before we really know anything about anything) and it's always stuck with me.

Berlin - Metro: I have no idea when I first heard this, but the lyric "I remember hating you for loving me" clinches it for me. I've been there... more times than I can count.

Butthole Surfers - Pepper: I first heard this somewhere far up north (NJ, PA, CT... I don't remember) and it made me homesick.

Partridge Family - I Think I Love You - I used to listen to this record all the time in high school. No, I'm not that old, just that odd. :p As soon as it ended I'd set the needle back and listen to it over and over and over. It touched me then and still does.

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know - Haunting... I've been on both sides and they both hurt. heh... This is actually the first new song that I've heard in a long time that I like. lol Not since Lady Gaga and Beyonce put out Telephone, what?, three years ago? ........LOL! Apparently this was released two years ago and I'm way behind anyways. Whatever. :p

Tomorrow's prompt:
React to this term: Letting Go


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Essence: Sending You Kisses & Kiss: Neon Orange

Hey everybody! ^_^ Hope we're all having a great day so far. I've been productive, but now I'm sleepy... Going to try and convince myself to jump on the bike after I post this, but... I have a feeling I'll be taking a nap instead. lol

Today we're starting with three (yes, three) coats of Sending You Kisses. While testing the Kiss polishes I neglected to see if Sending You Kisses was sheer, and it kind of is. Thankfully it's essence and didn't take all night to dry.

Sending You Kisses is a super bright pink. Not really neon, but super freaking bright! Absolutely love it. I think it might be a bit brighter over white, but three coats looks nice enough. ;)

Then I decided to do some tiger stripes with the Kiss Nail Art brush in Neon Orange. Just to brighten things up a little bit more.

I was pleasantly surprised by how opaque this one is. For an orange. A neon orange at that.

I know it doesn't look terribly "neon" over the pink like that. That's why I took this picture last night before dropping Aaron off at his friend's.

Yep. Neon. LOL That's kind of my gauge. If it practically glows on it's own in such low light, it's neon. ;)

And... I think it's nap time. Onyx will appreciate that. Like I said before, it's almost the end of the month. I think I'll cut out candy now and restart my bike routine on the 1st. Blaaaaaahhhhhhh....... -_- I miss being young. lol Hope everyone's having a terrific day! :D

Blog In May: Day 28

Today's prompt:
Only pictures

Tomorrow's prompt:
Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Kiss Marbleizing Nail Art Pens

Hello everybody! OMG I had my alarm set for 7:45am and somehow my phone shut itself off during the night. I was in the midst of a sort of Walking Dead dream... Merle and Rick where there, so was my mom's dog Jet. Was very strange. What finally woke me up was an intrusion by non-zombie... raiders. If you've seen any kind of post-apocalyptic movie or video game you've got the gist of what a "raider" is. I was barely armed, no one else sprung to action, so rather than get horribly raped in my dream I woke myself up. At 10:50am! o_O wtf... Luckily I had my nails done last night so I was able to get pictures as soon as I woke up. Posting late because we had to run out for pet food and such. We're having pizza tonight. hehehe

*ahem* I decided to go ahead and try out the Marbleizing nail art pens sent in my NAS package. Uhm... As far as creating a marble effect... they're not fantastic. They do stay wet for a fairly long time, and the polish is pretty thin, so perhaps using I Lilac You as a base hindered the dragging technique? I wanted to attempt a variety of things with these to see how the pens performed.

heh Okay, the lightest pen is very sheer, I think that is intended as the base. The medium one I had the most problem being almost too thin, it bubbled a lot screwing up any line-work I attempted with it. I was most happy with the dark purple one. It was thin enough that I didn't hurt my hand squeezing the tube, but thick enough to draw lines without difficulty. The painting brush (when you unscrew the whole top) is wide enough on each of these to be useful for regular nail polishing. I have done drag marbling before (Click Here) and it worked out great! These just didn't seem to want to cooperate as well. Perhaps I was scared of clogging the tip? I dunno. I did do a little pre-test last night that gave me an idea.

Kinda cool, huh? I'm thinking of doing something similar (only more deliberate lol) once Tiffany Case gets here. I think the blue and purple will work well together. Or I have the black pen I could do something quirky with Solitaire... or both. Ya never know. ;)

We're looking at clouds and rain for the whole rest of the week. Oy. I like rain, but I'd also like to get some of these holos swatched. :p I think I'll brighten up tomorrow with some hot pink essence action. Testing now to see if either of the neon liner brushes will show up over it. May as well go all out! In the meantime I need to re-organize my nail art supply tub. lol Again. Since the month is almost over I'm going to wait until June 1st to open up my giveaway. Finish out the daily challenge before throwing more on my plate. Still working hard on the tablet. :p Which is kind of insane because I noticed last night I could get a big ol' flat HD tv at Walmart for the same price... Something else to work on. Our tv works, but all the video games they put out now the lettering is so tiny we can barely read it. *ugh* That's why I like computers. Can always change the aspect ratio and font size. ;) Hope everyone had a great weekend and that your weeks are off to a fantastic start! I'm going to work on my sock a bit before we go pick up the pizzas. hehehehe

Blog In May: Day 27

Today's prompt:
A letter to your readers

Dear Readers,

I have been blogging for going on seven years. Started on MySpace as just a way to share my thoughts and interesting bits with my friends. Even so I didn't have many readers back then. After everyone left MySpace for facebook I decided I wasn't done blogging. It had become a cathartic and important part of my routine. Brak and I found Blogger and decided to set up our respective 'shops' here. Only a small percentage of my friends followed me here which means that nearly all of you are "new" readers! As depressing as this should be (since I do have real life friends and only a scarce couple can be bothered), I find it very exciting. I can't say that what you read is all of me, but all that I share is me. Which means you like me! You really like me!! LMAO In all seriousness I'm sure most of you popped over for the polish, and it's deeply touching that so many of you have stayed in spite of (or, perhaps, because of) my more personal blogging style.

To those of you who comment regularly: Thank you. I would continue blogging without you, but having you here makes it all so fulfilling and helps me feel a lot less crazy than I do when I'm talking to myself. You guys are the absolute best. It tickles me to know that there are people that I have so much in common with in vastly different parts of the world and from such different backgrounds. Also, it gives me hope. What I mean is that I've always told people never to give up because "there's someone for everyone out there" because I believe that, ya know? The internet has made our world so small and accessible and you guys are proof of that. Proof, also, that not everybody you find online is an asshole. Humanity's not quite doomed yet!

To those who don't comment: I love you guys, too. Perhaps you just haven't gotten around to deleting me from your blog feed. That's okay. Either way I'm glad to have you here for as long as you are here. :)

It is my sincerest hope that you are all doing well and that your lives are (or soon will be) filled with love and happiness.


Tomorrow's prompt:
Only pictures

Sunday, May 26, 2013

OPI: Pussy Galore, NAS Package & Surprise!

Today's polish, my dears, is quite the anomaly. OPI, pink, James Bond. Three things I would never normally go for. However, throw in a little Liquid Sand magic and suddenly I have to have it.

This is my first Liquid Sand and I'm quite impressed. It behaves just like the PixieDusts (which I suspected it should) and dries to much the same finish. Pussy Galore is a sparkling baby pink which required three coats, but dried super quick anyway. Even though it did get a bit thick in spots since I managed to forget about OPI's mammoth brushes. :p You know... at first I wasn't sure if I liked this one or not. I mean, seriously, it's baby pink, but the more I catch it in glances the more I like it. Perhaps I'd like it more on longer nails... or paler or darker skin, I'm not sure. There's something making my fingers feel kind of yellowish.

*shrugs* I like it. Someone remind me to re-wear this when my nails grow back out. ;) Maybe by then I'll have a bit of a tan? On my hands?? Do hands tan? LOL I have no idea...

Guess what?! Got my Nail Art Society package yesterday! Unfortunately they're not exactly accepting new members until they get their new systems up and running properly, but if you're interested you can submit your email to be notified when there's an opening. It's $9.95/month and that's not a referral link. :p Goodie time!!

Waoh! This month we've got three Kiss detail brushes and three Kiss nail art pens! I've been eyeballing those pens for weeks and now I'm glad I didn't pick them up. LOL I'm a bit worried that these don't have a pin-stopper like my Amuse one does, but... maybe there's something in the cap to keep it from clogging.

More nail strip stickers... These are a different brand (I haven't tried the Kiss ones yet) so maybe they'll work better... If not I could cut them up and use them like small stickers instead of full-nail stickers. And....

Decals and charms!! So much exciting stuff this month. According to the nail art pen packaging you're supposed to be able to create water marble effects, but I don't know about that. I'd think it would have to stay wet too long... *shrugs* We'll see what I can pull off.


To make up for the mix-up with this month's shipment, Nail Art Society sent me two packages! I know that most of my readers are outside of the US (which I love, btw) so in the interest of fairness I'm giving the polish based goodies to my friend's daughter and I'm giving away the stickers, decals and charms to one of you lucky ladies! I couldn't live with myself if I hosted a US only giveaway when the vast majority of my faithful readers live elsewhere. Another way I'm going to try and keep this fair is that I'm not going to advertise outside of my blog and my facebook. If you want to share the link (once I get it up) with a friend or something then that's entirely on you. No extra entries for advertising for me. :p I'll get the rafflecopter thingy figured out and hopefully have that ready to go in the next couple of days.

Okay, I promised pictures on my sock's progress and so I have them! This first one I adjusted the color and gamma saturation so you can actually see the stitches. lol That neon orange kinda overpowers my camera.

That's 4" of orange and I'm going to do 8" of green before adding an orange heel and orange toe. That should keep it fairly interesting. lol I'm going to save my pink yarn for some ankle socks (possibly with green trim). *gasp* OMG! I wonder if there's a way to make toe-socks with this thing? Definitely going to have to look that up... I can't knit with needles so I may be out of luck, but it's worth a look! Here's how it looks on the inside so you can see how far I've gotten with the green.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day here in the states. Much of my family has served in the armed forces and I have a deep appreciation of and profound respect for them. Even so (or as such?) I don't think I'll be doing Memorial Day nail art. I don't think I'm quite skilled enough to do any idea I may come up with any justice and it seems... silly. It's not really supposed to be a happy-go-lucky festive kind of day, but a day of remembrance. I am going to give these nail art pens a whirl, but unrelated from my Memorial Day observations. Okay, this has taken entirely too long to type up. ;) Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as I am. lol

Blog In May: Day 26

Today's prompt:
Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you'd like.

I had a hard time not spilling the beans on this one last night while Norma and I were discussing a similar (but different) topic. I'm a firm believer that what people do in their own bedrooms is their own business. However, when you put your private information "out there", then it becomes free game for discussion. And speculation and gossip. Though in this particular case I believe the couple in question had that particular motive in mind when allowing this story to be made public:

Hrm. Let's assume that these two are sincere in their spiritual pretext. Just for the sake of discussion. On the one hand we can be sure (from the information given) that at least they got married because they genuinely love each other. Oftentimes young people mistake lust for love and good for them not falling into that trap. Another "good" point for them, they are in it together. Presumably. Darla was the only one quoted in the article, so there is an inkling of doubt on that fact. Let's assume, though, that they are in agreement on this and that they are doing it for spiritually based reasons... I have to question how healthy this behavior is and how long it can possibly go on. Let's say they do manage to stay together and keep up this sexual avoidance (let's be honest, 25 months is not that long) then eventually they're going to start avoiding intimacy altogether because the "breaking off" is going to become too frustrating and not worth the lead-up. That's the best case scenario. More likely one of them is going to break leading to bitterness or cheating and/or divorce. That's not even the worst case possibility. Let's say they are both deeply spiritually committed to what they're trying to do and they both break!? Given the ferocity of religious zealots (which, let's be honest, they're right on that line) I don't think that a bloody end is out of the question.

That's assuming that they're both being completely honest. It occurs to me, however, that this maintaining abstinence even after marriage stems from somewhere other than a desire to be "holy". I think they're afraid. Not of hell because sex after marriage is one of the few things Christians seem to agree on. I think they're afraid of having sex, and what happens after. Or what could happen after. Or, at least she is. Since she was the only one quoted. As I said, I believe in "to each their own", but the entire article has an overwhelming aura of wrongness to me. Is it just me? Am I imagining the manipulative undertones? Do you think they're sincere or is there something else going on here? Are they on the right track or are they more likely doomed to failure?

Misgivings aside, at least they're not contributing to the overpopulation epidemic like those 'quiverfull' folks, eh? hrm... Anyway, try to be respectful in your responses. We can question their direction and motives without slamming them. Can't we? lol Or, hey, maybe you agree with what they're trying to do. That's okay, too.

Tomorrow's prompt:
A letter to your readers

Aw *hearts*

Saturday, May 25, 2013

China Glaze: Running In Circles

Oh noes! I missed yesterday! lol Sorry, I got really busy in the morning and then in the afternoon when I did have time it got very dark and very rainy. So I decided to skip it. It's still cloudy, but not raining long enough for me to get pics and Running In Circles is gorgeous enough to not require blazing sunshine.

Running In Circles is from the Cirque du Soleil collection. A lovely emerald green glitter in a sheer green jellyish base. As such I can't attest to dry time because jellies make me reach for my quick-dry topcoat super fast. :p This is two coats. Clean up, as you can see, is a bit messy with rogue glitters sticking everywhere.

This would make a great Christmas color paired with a similar red. :)

Cashed out my five discounted amazon cards for the month, working on bringing my SwagBucks back up for an early cashout next month. Got $4.40 leftover from my OPI haul (Pussy Galore will be in the mailbox today!!), $25 being processed, $0.11 leftover in my paypal, $17 in OpinionOutpost ready to transfer, $6.84 in ICS which brings me to.... $53.35/$323. Not a bad start. :D More than I thought, actually. Unfortunately in real life I still need an oil change and new brakes. *ugh* Stupid real life. lol Still working on that sock. That... one... sock. Kind of depressing to think I'll have to make another. This one is nearly 4" now. I'll try to make some appreciable progress for a picture soon. Hrm. Hoping for a day of sunshine soon, still have some holos to swatch. I do believe, however, that tomorrow I will have pics of Pussy Galore. Can't wait to see how the Liquid Sand stacks up against PixieDust. I've read some great reviews, so we will see. Solitaire is in Austin so she should be here shortly as well. Exciting! Hope everybody is having a fantastic weekend!! :D