Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Zoya: Tallulah vs WnW: Saved By The Blue

Two seconds... just catching up on the few blogs I have to read on the laptop and have been forgetting for a couple of (pretty busy) days... just one more.... and..... all caught up. *phew* Last night was pretty interesting. I don't have pictures... well... I do have pictures, but I'm not sharing them until he shares first. He keeps griping at me that I'm beating him to the punch on his own stuff. *oops* I did get very lucky. 90SB goal yesterday and with no time to really sit at the computer I managed to finish off the goal standing around last night doing SB searches on my phone. Needed 16 to reach the goal and managed a very lucky 18SB search! :D Which made me a happy Lizzy. The GameStop chicks loved their zombie makeups which made him a happy Aaron. lol

So today I have Zoya Tallulah which I picked up during one of their online sales. I knew I was going to be wanting something bright and pretty and Tallulah definitely delivers.

Tallulah is a bright blue with light blue shimmer. Together they create an almost teal effect. This is two coats. Probably could have gone for a third, but the VNL wasn't terribly noticeable most of the time... and I didn't really have a ton of time to sit around staring at my nails. :p

I don't know if I expected Tallulah and Saved By The Blue to be closer in color, or if SBTB was just in my head because I had worn it recently. Either way, looking at the bottles they don't appear to be that similar.

The biggest difference, I think, is Tallulah's shimmer.

.....oops. Forgot to label the picture. I've got Saved By The Blue on my index and ring fingers and Tallulah on my middle and pinky. ;)

Tallulah on the left, Saved By The Blue on the right. Little hard to tell the difference since it was all muggy and overcast. SBTB is a more "perfect" blue while Tallulah is a bit lighter and leans kinda tealish. Even though they're not close enough for it to be a deciding factor; Zoya's formula kills WnW's. I like the fastdry, but it's a bit gluey and the brush is really stiff. At least it all comes out pretty in the end. :)

So... apparently there was some kind of delay with the truck, but my Sephora box is marked as "out for delivery" now. *frets* I hope it gets here. I was going to start sending packages to my mother-in-law's house, but forgot in my excitement. *deep breath* It's okay. My dad's here and he's lucky and he loves me so it will get here!! How do ya like my logic there? LOL Totally forgot I wanted to run to Ulta yesterday and didn't get to... well, I didn't forget that part. I forgot the part where I was going to go this morning. Finally got a reward voucher. Can either get a reward item free or $3.50 off of $10. They're supposed to have the Bond Girls collection so I'll probably use the $3.50 off of $10 for one of those. And whatever I can scrounge out of their clearance section. ;) Or maybe one of the new PixieDusts if they have those. I think I'll go check. Right now. Hope everyone's having a fantastic week so far!! :D


  1. Very close shades. One is just a bit lighter than the other :)

    1. I was hoping the differences would come across in the pictures. The diffuse, overcast glare I keep getting is NOT helping! lol

  2. SUCH beautiful blues. Cannot stop staring!

  3. Hmm, I prefer the slightly lighter Tallulah, but yea they are pretty darn similar

    1. I don't think I could choose. lol I love the shimmer in Tallulah, but SBTB is really a 'perfect' blue. I loves them all. ;)


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