Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wet n Wild: Saved By The Blue & Pure Ice: Watch Me Go

Hey, everybody! I had some time to myself last night so I thought I would be slick and go ahead and get pictures of today's polishes ahead of time... this only half worked. :p Stupid glitter didn't want to cooperate with my phone camera (my regular camera, apparently, was not happy being forced to work indoors) so I ended up having to wait 'til this morning to finish up anyways. *boo* I did get tomorrow's pics done as well so at the moment my nails are getting a break from polish. *GASP* I know! I had thought about picking out Thursday's polish and managing to squeeze in a "this it how it looks after ____ days", but I don't know if this weather system is going to move out or not and I've got some holos that need doin'. Which, if you happened to catch yesterday's comments section, I have a new one. First things first!

Saved By The Blue is an absolutely gorgeous royal blue. This is two coats.

This one also has the same stiff brush as the rest of the fastdry line that I have. It wasn't quite as problematic with this color. Look at the shimmer!

Pretty. :) Since I was feeling lazy and thought I'd have everything done in about five minutes I didn't use a basecoat and did get some mild staining. Nothing terribly traumatic, though.

Watch Me Go is a blue and green packed glitter. It reminded me of Strapless only with some green.

Which didn't want to show up much outside... here's the crummy indoor picture. :p

This is only one coat and it went on nice and smoothly. A very well-behaved glitter. Except as far as the camera was concerned. Bottle shot!

For whatever that's worth. lol

So. Yes. Aaron and I are in the final stages of our costume-making. He needed some white hair-color spray for his two-face and for a while we were at a loss, thinking we were going to have to make a trip to Austin again. Then suddenly he asks me "Do you think Sally's would have it?" Oh! Maybe. They do have colored hair spray, maybe they have white. So we went, and they did (for eight freakin' dollars; we need to stock up on Halloween...) and then I went to see if they had any polish on clearance. Not only did they, they also had the China Glaze hologlam.

I got Mosaic Madness for $3.29 and then Aaron kinda strongarmed me into getting OMG A UFO. *teehee* Course neither of us knew it was going to end up being $10. I don't have a Sally's card because I just never go. I prefer Ulta's clearance and selections (when they're stocked). Uhm, yeah, so I was sitting in the Walgreens parking lot while Aaron ran in and checked my email and I had a comment from T.Lillian about the sale at Sally's. OMG What sale?! Apparently the hologlam were supposed to be buy one get one and the other polishes were supposed to be buy two get one?! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Apparently her Sally's had signs and stuff and mine did not so I decided to just chalk it up to 'live and learn'. Still... pisses me off. I know Ulta's going to have the hologlam all overpriced too, so I'm just going to wait for a restock notice from Cherry Culture.

Guess that's it. I've got something special to go with tomorrow's post and you'll just have to come back to see what it is! (no, it's not a giveaway, sorry lol) Hope everyone's having a great week so far!! :D


  1. Hey, sorry you didn't get the deal :( the b2g1 free deal is on their website but the hologlam bogo free deal isn't, so maybe only certain locations?

    1. No worries. :) I get plenty lucky polish hunting, I think. Thanks, though. We'll get 'em next time!

  2. Great combination with the Pure Ice. I need to look for that one the next time I brave W*lmart.

    1. Thank you, thank you. *bows* LOL Good luck! Mine has the new displays up, but I didn't check to see if this one was in there. *fingers crossed*


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