Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wet n Wild: Poison Ivy

I totally almost skipped today. So late as it is, I really need to quit sleeping in. :p But, yeah, was gonna skip it and figured since I went through the trouble of pulling out my last Wet n Wild last night I'd go ahead and do a quick swatch. So here it is, an absolutely gorgeous Megalast: Poison Ivy.

This is two coats. It actually worked out that I did this as quick as I did. You can see that Poison Ivy is a sheerish black base packed full of this phenomenal emerald green shimmer.

And that's it. lol Told ya it was quick. I do have some good news. I did get my Sephora gift card code around 7pm yesterday. End of the business day in California. :p So I went and got my Sephora order squared away. Did have to re-arrange some things thanks to some of the polishes I wanted getting sold out while I was waiting. So, what I'm getting is this: Illamasqua Radium, Taint, and Kink, Sephora gold glitter crackle, Nails Inc York, Soho Square and Hackney Crackle, and Hello Kitty Green Means Go! and Pink Wink. Rather than add polishes I was *meh* about I opted to make up the difference with two Hello Kitty fragrances. A Wild Thing rollerball and a little spray bottle shaped like the polishes. :) I missed out when Walgreens had theirs out so I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage while I had the extra eMoney. All of that ended up costing me 78cents out of pocket. Not bad, eh? Teensy bit worried that it's shipping UPS... guess I'll deal with that Monday... or whenever it actually "gets" here.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Got severe weather warnings all up and down the central states. Y'all be safe, hunker down, and I'll be back with something bright and fun for tomorrow! :D


  1. can't wait to see your sephora haul

    1. EEEeee! Me either. Hopefully I don't have to hunt it down. lol


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