Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sinful Colors: Sugar Rush, In The Spotlight, Nova +Compare

OMG! Late start again. Took a nap yesterday evening so I could pick my dad up at 5am. Surprise! Unexpected weekend. Fell asleep when I got back and still woke up way late. It's not winter anymore! Stop hibernating!! :p Also, I forgot to mention yesterday, but today's post will include feet. After today's post I will only have one Sinful Color polish left (for now) and since I did technically skip last Saturday I had to make up for it today. Also because I just kept not wanting to wear Nova.... spoiler alert?

Alrighty! Starting off with three coats of Sugar Rush. Two would have been plenty, but I woke up this *ahem* afternoon with some weird scuffs and smudges that had to be covered up at the last minute.

Gorgeous awesome formula. First coat was a bit streaky (to be expected), but the second smoothed everything out. Lovely pastel/sky blue from the Sugar Rush collection. Last I checked (the other day) these are still available at Walgreens.

Guess what? I did it again... putting green over blue... BAH! lol In The Spotlight is the "other green" from Sinful Color's... glitter-whatever collection. This is one coat.

Some of the glitters in the collection are just glitters. Some of them, like this one, are similar to China Glaze's Prismatics glitters. As were/are Bombshell and Fantasy.

Except that this time I remembered to pull out one of the Prismatics for a comparison! Yay me!! LMAO!! *ahem* Despite the differences in the bottle shot, the differences on the nail are pretty minimal.

See? Looks way different.

Looks... not as different. I really need to remember to do this on my left hand next time... *ahem* Okay, minimal differences: The China Glaze polishes have a healthy amount of silver micro-glitter to fill in the polish, the Sinful Color does not. Sinful Color, on the other hand, has more of the rainbow (yes, rainbow) glitters. That's really about it. If you like the effect, but don't want to spend China Glaze prices, the Sinful Colors versions aren't that far off. I don't know about the Wet n Wild ones, though. The new bottles they put them in are off-putting (they put the polish name on a tag and not on the bottle!) so I probably won't be getting any of those. Time for feet!

On my toes (very temporarily, I assure you) is Nova. A dark blue jelly base with some green shimmer. Can you see the shimmer?

*ARGH* Massive toe close-up!!! hehehehe This is two coats on my big toes (one on the rest) and for being jellyish it didn't take that long to dry. Which is good since I went ahead and put it on my toes... bottle shot!

In case you couldn't see the green shimmer. ;)

I did get my bonus SwagBucks yesterday! Jumped me up to just under 87%!! :D I should be able to clear the $100 cashout mark in... *thinks* a week and a half. Unless I really buckle down and double-task it. Then there's the two(?) weeks wait for it to clear. *dies* I should be getting some amazon credits in the next week, though, and I'm just about to where I can cash out on OpinionOutpost. And CashCrate, actually. And SendEarnings finally! Man, I can't wait to close that one out. The rest I'm keeping, but SendEarnings and InboxDollars have got to go. Maybe I'll do an updated money-maker post... if anybody's interested... ;)

More good news, finally killed off one of those Sims!

I had him next to a fireplace to warm him up even more so I had to check and make sure that he was on fire "from exposure to sun" and he was and he's dead and that town is still laggy so the other one hasn't frozen to death yet, but he will. TONIGHT... hopefully. lol

That's it for today. I think tomorrow I'm going to bust out with another Misa and see if Bikini With A Martini can give me that neon red that I've been looking for. Not pink, not melon, not orangey, not not-neon... NEON RED! We will see. :) *fingers crossed* I hope it doesn't rain!! Happy Birthday to my (still somewhat MIA) chat buddy. Hope everybody's having a terrific weekend. Happy Polishing!


  1. Replies
    1. Woohoo! I try to give fair warning because I know some people are repulsed by feet... never seen anyone get excited. Awesome. :D

  2. Sugar rush is a great spring colour! Don't you just love when you get a polish with a really good formula. And as for feet, I personally don't mind them at all, unless they are nasty and crusty eww.

    1. EW! Crusty. lol Yeah, the polish might be a bit messier, but I try to keep my feet as pretty as I can for picture day. omg I love a really good formula. Makes the whole polish so much better. :D

  3. Did you ever check out ebates? 8% cash back for $100 is such a good deal. I keep wanting to buy from them because of the high cash back rate but I haven't seen anything I actually want lol

    1. Yep! :) They do have quite a selection. lol Surprised you haven't found anything. I think I heard walmart has the hard candy's up on their website.


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