Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sinful Colors: Candy Coated & China Glaze: Mosaic Madness

MADNESS!! Muahahahaha! *ahem* Hi. :) Trying to keep myself "up" today. Up up up! Yesterday... omg. Yesterday was not so up. You know those days where you just feel fat and ugly and don't want to bother with anything? I didn't even want to paint my nails and when I did it just looked ugly but I kept it on and eventually Candy Coated started to grow on me. Especially after a random, uplifting *heart* from Holly on facebook. :) Candy Coated really is a bright, beautiful shade once you see it... lol

This is two coats. The first was a thin, streaky mess (which didn't help with that "omg ugh" feeling), but the second cleared it up. Uhm... the color has me a bit stumped. I keep thinking "cornflower" like the crayon, but that's blue. :p It's like a cornflower lavendar lilac.... pastel...

Yeah. Like that. lol And there you have the last of my unworn Sinful Colors polishes. KarenD put up this display post which has some new SCs, but I'd have to see them in person. ;)

You may remember (or not) I picked up Mosaic Madness the other day. Well, I just couldn't stop myself from layering it over Candy Coated. And it's so freakin' cool! LOL

These glitters are so interesting. Each nail comes out a bit different. My favorite bits have to be the humongous black glitters.

Which... I think the one on that finger is a bit buried... *mini-fail* lol Still cool. I'm debating going back and seeing if the purple is still hanging around. Not so into the gold and red, but one never knows... ;)

Guess what? :D 96.7%! Creeping my way up. Just a couple more days. Also, Monday (tax day here in the US) they're offering up double swagbucks! Perfect time to get started if you haven't already. *wink~wink~nudge~nudge* Bit of shameless self-promotion for ya there. Seriously, though, I can't wait to get the cashout process started. I've got my ChG and JessieG textures coming, but I still had a serious bout of jealousy when Lacey posted up her 2013 Summer PixieDusts.... :( I want those.... Radium and Hello Kitty will help ease the pain. lol Take care, everybody! Be safe, be healthy, be happy!


  1. Nice, the two go very well together!

    1. Thank you. :) I've seen Mosaic Madness over yellow a LOT and thought it would be nice to do something a little different.


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