Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Misa: Love Bite

Welp, it's 7am and I'm still awake. -_- By fortunate coincidence I have todays pics so I guess I'll go ahead and post up early.

Today's WTF is Misa's own Love Bite... which, for some reason, I keep wanting to call Dying Love, but that's a different polish altogether. :p I knew this was a red when I ordered it, but I just had to complete my Poisoned Passion collection. This red, however, isn't terribly red. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.

Wow... that is some weird reflection... I believe this was three coats. Decent dry time.

It kind of reminded me of dried blood. This is what Vampish Red wishes it was. Or tried to be. Or both. Here's my indoor picture:

Not too bad. That VNL wasn't nearly that obvious in real life. This was part of the other night's "wishful thinking" job so no basecoat and no staining! Yay!

Now for the special surprise. Ricky went and saw the new Oz movie (I knew he was going to, he's totally in love with the original) and he decided to try his hand at some Evanora inspired nails!

OMG! WTF gives him the right to be so good?! LOL Getting all creative after he leaves... He's also planning on doing a green and nude version. My cousin Alexis has been doing Disney Princess inspired designs which I'm going to compile and try to post all at once. She also finally found some polishes in her collection that work for water marble! White and black. lol It looks really good, though, and I'll steal that picture to share, too. ;)

*ugh* SBTV mobile is screwing with me. Nine times out of ten I can just let it play through the night and have my 50SBs waiting for me when I wake up. Every now and then, like last night, the ads bork up and I have to "X" them out before the video will play. Which, if I'm not awake to do that it will just sit there and my phone will blank out like normal non-activity. *sigh* 92%, though! Will be 93% before the day's over.

Oh! The new PixieDusts are shipping out. Doesn't matter much to me since I didn't manage to get the money together to pre-order. I may wait a bit to see if Ulta gets them. There are only three that I really really need anyways. Last night I had myself a big ol' DUH moment. Got my $10 amazon credit from this focus group thing and so I started trolling around amazon. I have a ton of polishes on my wishlist, but I decided I'd look and see if any of the China Glaze textures were on there. They were! So now I've got Toe-Tally Textured (the orange one) and In The Rough (the green one) on their way. The DUH part is that it didn't occur to me until after I checked out to see what the amazon Hologlam status was.... Under $5/bottle. *facepalm* Here's hoping that will still be the case next month, but I'm not going to hold my breath. It's funny to me after all the bitchin' and moanin' people were doing about how "hologlam isn't as holo as omg" that they're selling out left and right. Putzes. They knew you would buy them! Also, I did a swatch test of OMG A UFO on my palette and let me tell ya: It's pretty! I might double-basecoat to get my nails as smooth as possible because that is some linear freakin' holo on my palette. Which is flat. :p

I can't tell if I'm tired enough to try and sleep some or if I'm awake enough to try and bike some... *ugh* On the bright side my deposit went through and the Nail Art Society withdrawel is still "pending" so hopefully I won't get the minimum balance charge. I'll be double sure to make sure the money's there anyway because man that charge is a killer! Okay, I'm rambling. Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. That's an awesome take on the Evanora look, I might try that. I like the "invertedness" lol if that even makes sense

  2. I already saw the movie has well. I think they are going to do a 2 one. I'm currently running a Spring giveaway if you want check it out :)

  3. Still up at 7 a.m.? I'm tired just thinking about it. I haven't seen the Oz movie yet but I want to.

    1. lol Sleeping during the day helps. ;) So far everyone's liked it, I'm just not that into Oz.


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