Sunday, April 7, 2013

Misa: Bikini With A Martini & Julep: Kaylen +Julep Cuticle Serum Update #1

This is another one of those "good ideas gone bad" posts. I'm just a walking cautionary tale, huh? lol There's going to be a bit of explaining along the way, so I hope you're comfortable!

I thought I was doing really good. I did start out that way, at least. I remembered how much I hate having that visible white line around my neons so I took extra care to leave as thin a gap as I could manage between it and my skin. That was good! Then the weirdness starts. This is three coats of Bikini With A Martini over the white. It looked really pink indoors, but then more red outdoors, but then my camera had a massive spaz attack and... Does it look orange to you? I will admit, it may be more of an electric berry than neon red (if we're going to get nitpicky), but Bikini With A Martini is not orange. Not even slightly. Stupid camera. *kicks it*

I did take a shower last night after painting my nails, but the scuffs and dings happened while I was sleeping. -_- The second polish I have is Julep's Kaylen. Which is supposed to be BRIGHT! Lena was bright... and also opaque...

*facepalm* Would you believe me if I told you that was three coats? Three thick, gummy coats? I can't remember the last time I was this disappointed in a polish. The formula was crummy, it's way too sheer and it's more of a vintage orange than a bright one. I wasn't expecting neon, but certainly brighter than this. Had I known I would have white-prepped all of my fingers!

Well, that was a bust. Even my "hey, my hands kinda match" sponging just came out awful. All chippy and I suspect Kaylen's gumminess is responsible for lifting the white. So... what's a girl (or guy?) to do to salvage this sort of fail? Well... you could always suck it up and hope no one notices? You could... remove it all and start from scratch? Or, if you're like me, you can always reach for your ever-handy black crackle!

Muahahahaha!!! *ahem* But, then, I love crackle. That's also the only idea I had. What would you have done to save this mani? I know I've got some seriously creative people coming through here. Don't hold out on me!!!! hehehehe Sorry, spent two and a half hours mowing the lawn. I can't feel my hands and I think I've gone a bit nutty from the vibrations. ;)

The good news is that tomorrow is another day! The bad news is that it's not supposed to rain until Tuesday and it's already overcast. I was going to swatch All Hail The Queen tomorrow, but that one needs sun. So... yeah, bad news I have no idea what I'm wearing tomorrow. Or the three days to follow that are supposed to be rainy. The good news is that hopefully all of this rain will drown the June Bugs before they've had a chance to mature. *shudders* I don't hate bugs, but (if you don't know) June Bugs are so stupid they'll fly right into you without any thought! OMG Who does that?! They're heavy and stupid and Aaron thinks it's hilarious to pick one up and stick it to the back of my shirt.... *shudders* Why can't we have fireflies instead? I like those...

He's still knocked out so I think I'm going to go start the dishwasher (*teehee*) and then take a nap before we head out. Hope everybody's having a terrific weekend! :D

....omg How stupid am I? Julep's cuticle serum! I actually have (though barely) been remembering to use it twice a day. Some people, apparently (according to Lacey's facebook feed), been having problems getting the product to come out of the wand... I have not. It's about the easiest thing and four clicks is enough to do both hands. I haven't noticed anything in the way of fewer ridges. I do think, however, that it may be helping with the staining? See, no matter what I do (including basecoating every day) they turn yellow right around the edge of my moons (do people call them that, or is that just my mom? LOL) and they appear to be pink (clear?) and healthy just past that point. I don't pay much attention, but they may be growing a little faster, too. I, stupidly, did not take a "before" picture, but I'll take one today when I remove this mess and another next Sunday at the end of the "twice a day for two weeks" period to share with you. There's no way to know how much I'm using, but if it looks like there's any affect then I may continue to use it once a day after that instead of once a week like it says. I mean, it's not hurting anything, right? Okay, see y'all later!


  1. Man, that orange is sheer -_- Julep has some questionable formulas

    1. Sometimes, yeah. I even forgot to mention the smell... lol I haven't had too many problems with them, but man when I do... it's crazy. This is worse than the ultra-sheer "metallics".

  2. I love me some black crackle over neon gradient! I think that was an awesome save for the mani. I usually save a bad manicure that way too. That or put a glitter over it lol

    1. Hurray for the black crackle! :D Crackle is such a favorite for me. I can't get enough! I wish China Glaze would put out more glitter crackles.


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