Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Julep: Lena

Okay, first, Jasmine, if you're reading this: I tried to comment on your claw mani and nothing happened when I clicked the button! :( I hate when that happens. Try to be friendly and stupid computer keeps trying to make me look all stuck up.... Seriously, it came out great and your nails don't look that stained to me. I, uh... probably won't do this every time it doesn't work; just know that I am reading your posts and I'll try to comment on my laptop if I remember. Sometimes that works. Different O/S and browser and all... *ahem* Second, WTF happened last night?! Woke up this morning with SIX spam comments all on the same post and they all went through?! Right after I was saying how great Blogger's spam catcher is... *tsk~tsk* Anyway *ugh* thirdly, Lena did not want to photograph properly! *cries* To make matters worse, I was going to say "She's coming off too blue, really she looks more like B-Girl", but that one looks too blue, too.... So, while Lena is trying to tell you she's nearly sky blue, she's really TEAL. Like, super teal.

Where's the green?! Also, where's the gold shimmer?! I was especially careful applying two coats as thin as I could manage so the gold shimmer wouldn't just sink to the bottom and its... like... not there.... *facepalm*

Dude! This super sucks... I guess... lemme see... The formula was nice, creamy if a tad thick. It did dry really quickly. Quick enough for me to get dressed and run to Walmart a mere 45 minutes after application. Guess what I got at Walmart..... *waits*.... yep. Crush On Lava. Tried to google up a comparison again last night and still nothing so tomorrow, right here at Lizzy's Place, I will have an official side-by-side no-holds-barred comparison between Hard Candy's new Crush On Lava and their old favorite Beetle. Because that's the whole thing, right? Beetle was so popular and Crush On Lava looks so similar that everyone's just assuming they repackaged (and renamed) the same old color. Well, that's just not good enough for me. Ok, so I did find one comparison, mine will be better. :p Also, one commenter (who, admittedly, was trying to be helpful since apparently some people are too good to shop at Walmart) tried to say that Orly's Space Cadet is a "dead on dupe" for Beetle, but... those of you who were here with me last June know better, huh? ;) LOL Hey! They're different! LMAO!!! *ahem*

Oh! Walgreens has decided to integrate their Walk With Walgreens program into the actual Walgreens site. So you should prolly pop over and transfer your information if you signed up for that. The new page is a bit hard to find after-transfer... I don't know why they don't have a link on the top bar, but you can find it here. Alternatively you could scroll down 'til you see "Take Steps With Balance Rewards". The good news is that now you can track running (hopefully they'll add biking soon, do feel a bit bad fibbing about that) and your weight. Adding my current weight got me a buttload of rewards points. Maybe they felt bad for me, too.... :p

Make that seven spammy comments... oh *pfffft* Sephora was kind enough to remind me that Radium is still sitting in my cart. LOL I don't have the money yet! Soon, though. 76% there. Which, omg, yesterday SwagBucks decided to prank everybody by removing the Daily Goal meter and people went apeshit. Seriously? It's April 1st. How do you not guess that it's a prank? "the site never works and it wasn't funny and blahblahblah professionalism blahblahblah" oh get bent. If the site sucks so bad A) why are you still on it and B) how did I manage to cash out over $300 so far? That's more than I've managed from all of my other online money ventures combined! So, yeah, suck it.

Okay, I'm getting rambly; and I have a Sim to kill. This Sim, man... he's stubborn. Trying to freeze him to death (for a badge, his brother is going to get heat-stroked to death come summer) and he's been out in the snow nearly naked for almost a week. Sim week.... not real life week. :p He did finally freeze solid, just waiting for him to expire. Their sister is doing well in her singing career. Just two more badges left with her. Maybe three if I can get the "miss the opportune moment" one to come up....

I guess I'll go now... Hope everyone's having a great week so far. :D


  1. Haha, no problem about the comment, thanks for reading my posts :)
    Yea I added the intense debate comment system because I like the comment luv option where other bloggers can comment and their latest post shows up. It makes it easier for me to visit their blogs :)
    And I'll take your word that the polish is teal haha, but it still nice in the picture regardless.
    Yea sometimes photographing and getting things to show up as the way they appear in person is such a pain, especially since the lighting in my room varies sooo much -_-
    Also, I wish they had Hard Candy in Vancouver... hmm maybe they do but I just haven't spotted them yet. Yea they definitely have a few polishes I want to pick up!

    1. I like that option, too. Even tried signing in with my spankin' new twitter and nada. :( It happens. Glad you like Lena. It really is so pretty in person! One day I'll find a camera that picks up what my eyeballs do. :p Apparently I got lucky with this one since an hour after I got those pics it started raining! *phew* Haven't done indoor pics in a while cuz all of our lightbulbs cast yellow. -_-

  2. I believe I saw a comparison post for the hard candy crush on lava and beetle on this blog --> http://www.jilltasticnaildesign.com/2013/03/comparison-post-hard-candy-beetle-and.html
    Too bad about the shimmer not showing up on that julep, I hate it when that happens!

    1. Hey, that's the same one I found! LOL OMG Guess what, though? *pssst* They're not the same. o.O Yep. I'm going to do my damndest to catch it, cuz there are some angles where they are WAY different. I thought I was just being persnickity, but I definitely caught differences in the bathroom earlier... tmi? You'll see. Also, I hate that, too!! It's so obviously there in the bottle. *gggrrrr*

    2. Ooh really? I wasn't going to buy it because I thought they were the same. Can't wait for your comparison post!


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