Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Injustice Release +Mani +Nail Art Society

OMG y'all I'm about to cry! *sniffles* I busted ass so hard yesterday not only to cash out for my gift card, but also to get the extra 50SBs for expedited shipping. I did it before 2pm Pacific time like the thingy says and it's still not in my inbox and I keep losing things from my Sephora basket cuz they're selling out!!!! *cries* I've been putting off posting this so I could share the joy, but not yet... *sigh* It's cuz they hate me. :p

Anyway, backtracking to last night! After my day of mad Swaggin' we headed out (late) to the midnight release for Injustice: Gods Among Us. Definitely not my personal favorite. From a strickly my point of view, it was the second worst. Aaron, however, showed out with his Two-Face costume.

He was the star of the night and everybody wanted his picture. :D Yay! I'm glad because putting this one together was pretty stressful and he worked so hard on it. So what was so bad about it? They were so disorganized. They had systems set up so people could play the demo so people, of course, were just mobbing around everywhere and they didn't even start the random giveaway until after midnight, so they didn't get around to giving out the games until about a quarter after and I had to pee! So, why didn't I just run into HEB and pee? Cuz I was wearing this:

Yes, that is a catsuit. While I'm not against getting naked in public (especially not a problem in the privacy of a bathroom) the cape was pinned to it and I didn't want my pins popping out. Also, those boots are about two sizes too big for my dainty little feets and I tripped in a ditch on the way out to the car. -_- Causing me to drop Aaron's wallet which I didn't even know until we were finalizing the purchase. I had to run back to the house to make sure I could find it, and luckily I did or we'd have had some serious problems. So, not a great night for Lizzy, but Aaron got his spotlight and was a huge hit and everybody loved his outfit, so I'm happy about that. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and be spousal support for a few hours. lol It happens.

Did I say I was going to add a little something to my mani for the occassion? I believe I did. ;) Pictures first!

Ms Lefty

Ms Righty

Can someone explain how the lettering on my right hand came out so much better? :p Okay, so I had my base of Never Say Never. I used a dotting tool with a sort of pointy end to outline the "star" shapes and used the bigger end to fill them in. The colors on those are essence Let's Get Lost, Ultimate Pink (which is also on my toes), and Lime Up!. Looking at the colors together gave me a big ol' laugh because they're practically cream versions of Zoya's Mod Mattes. :p I was going to dig them out and get a together-picture, but time was pretty short. So, yeah, I did that and then I did the lettering with my Amuse Black Glitter pen thingy. Tipping off the rest of my nails was, naturally, Zoya Storm... which I ended up not being terribly thrilled with by the end of the night. *shrugs* No problemo because I've got some more nail art stuff to play with!

This month's Nail Art Society theme is Stripes & Bows. OMG Lookit all those bows!! *dies* I have to get my HK polishes right now!!! Because Hello Kitty and bows go together like peas & carrots. :p I also have some glue to stick on the bows, some OMG STRIPING TAPE!! and some bottles of Kiss striping polish. So, thankyouverymuch now I have to get individual pics for the rest of them and update my stash page again. LOL At least they're all in my nail art tub so I don't have to dig.

.....still no gift card code. *bah* 1.7% towards my next $100 cashout already. Unless something big happens that'll be in about three months so I'll have time to drool and dream; and to decide what I'm wearing tomorrow. Guess that depends on whether or not it looks like rain because I still have a ton of holos to go through. Hope everyody's week is off to a great start!


  1. (((Lizzy))) on the suckyness but what a cute mani and the two face costume was awesome!

  2. hehehe thanks (((Norma))) Next week I'll have zombie pics for the Dead Island game coming out. ;)

  3. The manicure was quite good. The 2 faced costume was a great idea :)


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