Friday, April 12, 2013

How I "Organize"

Yeah, so I decided not to bother cleaning up too much and just get this posted. You wanna know why? Because it drives me absolutely freakin' batty when people say "oh, please excuse the mess" and it looks like the freakin' maid just left. I wish my house was that kind of messy. My husband and I live with my parents so I can take care of my mother while my dad's on the road and I don't always have time to worry about my stuff on top of everybody else's. So here's my little corner of the world.

On the left I've got one polish drawer with a stack of CDs and polishes I want to keep out to wear rather than dig for them. Then my "desk" with keyboard and monitor and my polish remover and stuff in a bucket underneath. Next to that is another set of drawers on the bottom holding all my junk and smaller drawers with my Pure Ice and Zoya and my little tub of nail art stuff. In front of that is another big polish drawer with my laptop for Swagging. lol I try to keep brands together. Taking up the most space is China Glaze (left stack, top drawer), Sinful Colors (right stack, middle drawer) and Zoya and Pure Ice with their own little drawers about full.

The fullness here is a *tad* misleading, the bottom drawer has (among other brands) my Juleps so those are easy to squeeze into extra spaces. LOL My China Glaze drawer, on the other hand...

Is pretty full. Going to have to move my Hard Candy bottles soon. lol The little ones are good for smaller spaces.

And if you happen to get lucky with some square shaped bottles, they're much easier to stack!

So, that's it. I used to keep them in my tiny nail art tub, but those days have long passed. I had a bigger tub, but that filled quickly as well. Every time I think I have plenty of room and won't need to upgrade for a while I'm proven wrong. I think... *sigh* I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and save for a Helmer. And convince someone to go to Ikea with me. C'mon, who wants to go to Ikea with me? Anybody? One day.... lol


  1. Replies
    1. Oh yes! Love the glitter. Will have one for swatching today. ;)

  2. oy that's quite a collection! I keep all my polish in my night stand lol

    1. Sometimes I wish I could still do that. There are days when I feel things have gotten a *bit* out of control. lol

  3. OOH thanks for posting this (aww all for little ole me? *bats lashes* I feel honoured!)

    *drooooollllll* yes I do see a helmer in your future! Your collection is beautiful Lizzy! I'm also a glitter fiend. It's sooo hard not to love them when they are sparkling and winking at you and whispering 'buy meeee' :d

    1. All for you, darling! *mwah* That is exactly it. I can not walk past anything sparkly without going "oooooh!". LOL They call to me. ;)


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