Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello Kitty: Green Means Go! +Sephora Haul

Hiyee!! *teehee* Told ya my dad was lucky, didn't I? Couldn't have been better timing either because *ugh* Ulta was such a bust! The polishes couldn't have been in any worse shape if they were at Walmart. Empty shelves, mixed up brands, it was a nightmare. :( Turned me off so bad. So I may have come home empty-handed, but the day was still a success!

OOOOoooooh! ^_^ All of the new polishes are up on my collection page except... *sigh* Instead of sending me the Sephora Gold Glitter crackle they sent me another bottle of the Opalescent Gold. Oh well, I'm sure Isis will like it. I still have three Illamasquas, three more Nails Inc and two more Hello Kitty polishes to love and play with. Plus my perfumes which are fruity and flowery and right up my alley! No musk or spice or anything old ladyish about these pretties. I was expecing the one bottle to be a bit bigger (and the roller ball stick to be a bit smaller LOL) but it's the same size as the polishes and that's just too cute to complain about. Also, when it's empty I'm going to fill it with rhinestones. hehehehe I also go my free samples:

Another perfume, some wrinkle cream, some perfume on cardboard and some teeny little dots of foundation on cardboard. :p I was expecting that to be a little bigger as well, but it might help me narrow down an appropriate shade without fiddling with bottles in the store. Can try a swipe and then take the bit that's left with me for comparison. Yay! So (hopefully) no regrets there.

So. heh I couldn't help but reach for Hello Kitty Green Means Go! from the (relatively) new Tokyo Pop collection. I told myself "You should layer this over white" and... I should have listened to myself.

*teehee* Cute! Still, that's four coats that I should have layered over white!!! *sigh* On the bright side, the dry time is amazing. Four coats, yes, but an hour after I finished I laid down for a nap and no sheet or hair marks! o_O Yeah!

So that's pretty amazing. I'll be wearing this again, but definitely over white. I don't know what I'm going to do about the brush, though. It's a bit long for the bottle so the bristles are pretty bendy... I'm wondering if that has more to do with the patchiness or if it's the formula. *shrugs* Issues aside I still love it. The color reminds me of Kerropi, it dries so fast and, hey, it's Hello freakin' Kitty! LOL It doesn't even bother me (much) that the sticker with the name is missing.

So... yes. I keep shying away from the holos because the stupid weather channel keeps saying "rain rain rain clouds and rain", but it was bright and sunny (if cold) when I went out for these pictures. Tomorrow I'm going to wear a holo and that pudgey weather guy can kiss my ass about it. :p Barry recommended that I check out Tumblr and start posting pics up there to bring more people to my blog and I said I'd look into it. I have. I signed up, but I haven't had a chance to really look around yet. Fun things a'comin'. Can't quite figure out how to change my thingy from "untitled"... but I will! lol Somehow someway. I guess that's it. Time to get dressed and pick up dinner. Hope everybody's having a terrific week! :D


  1. The bottles of the hello kitty looks so cute and girly :) Pretty Spring Green.

    1. They are! I hope they keep putting out new colors. :D

  2. Ooooh good haulin' I've missed you! Been redonkulously busy with uni work :( got to go do my essay in a minute but I wanted to try to catch up on your blog first! Love Sephora, love everything you've bought!

    1. OMG I miss you, too!! *hugs* Can't wait 'til you have some free time for posting. Good luck with your essay!! :D


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