Saturday, April 20, 2013

Essence: You've Got The Art +Plaid Tutorial

Hello, dolls! Can I get this posted up before I have to wake Aaron for jungle mowing? Let's find out! :D

You've Got The Art is, as you may remember, another double-edged essence find. On one hand "Yay! I found it!!"; on the other "OMG why only this one?!". I have a hard time saying it was disappointing, but it did take three coats for smooth opacity. Though... it is a few years old...

You've Got The Art is a just-barely not-yellow. There is a miniscule hint of green that makes it totally wearable for me. Even with three coats the dry time wasn't rediculous... though I did take time for art and topcoat... but I'm getting ahead of myself!

Pretty. So all day yesterday and the other night I was contemplating how best to go about working the plaid. Finally I decided to just go for it and here's what I came up with. Starting, obviously, with my three (quite messy on my right hand) coats of You've Got The Art:

Thank goodness for clean-up; could you imagine walking out of the house like that? *ahem* I started with two spaced-apart verticle stripes with Kiss Beach Pink.

Then alternated verticle lines with Kiss Soft Blue:

hehehehe That looks like clown pants. *ahem* Then came the hard part. For a bit of added interest on the horizontal stripes I alternated Soft Blue between one in the center and two spaced further apart. You could absolutely make them line up if you wanted to.... I just didn't want to. :p

Then alternating again with Beach Pink:

....Horizontal stripes are hard! Finishing up with some cleanup, then regular topcoat to smooth it out and make the design more cohesive. Then because in my mind Plaid = Flannel = Not Shiney I added some matte topcoat to dull it down.

Voila! Not the most intricate or perfect (as far as straight lines go), but it's fun and not overly time consuming. Perhaps an hour from start to finish. Or less... or more... I wasn't really paying attention... LOL

Yay! That didn't take too long to type up. So... no updates on my package trackers. *boo* Really hoping I don't have to hunt them down. Also, I decided to skip next month's Julep box. Not because I don't want any of them, just that money's been tight lately. It's the responsible thing to do. *double-boo* Guess I'll go ahead and wake him up so we can get this day started and over with! lol Hope everyone's weekend is off to a fantastic start. :D


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