Friday, April 12, 2013

Essence: A Walk In The Park & Stop For An Ice Cream

Hello, dolls. Just a quick post today. My title is working under the assumption that the two polishes in this double-ended dealy are actually named what's printed on them even though the "official" name on the center piece is simply A Walk In The Park. :p Uhm.... omg I'm stuffed. Next time my mom offers to buy lunch I need to say "no, thank you". *ugh* Okay! Another rogue essence!! They put out their own double-ended polish duos called Nail Colour 3 which came out I don't know when, but I found swatches of two other ones: Boys Are Back In Town and Midnight Date... which is really pretty! I wish I had that one... but I don't. I have A Walk In The Park. Pretty (sheer) jungle green.

Two coats... looks kind of a sheer mess, huh? You're supposed to be able to wear these alone. This would definitely need a third coat for that. It does have a nice shimmer, though.

The second polish, Stop For An Ice Cream, definitely is not intended to be worn alone. :p They say you can, but I would not. Irridescent topcoat with some micro-flakie bits in there?

I like it, but I can't help but like the 2nd polish for Midnight Date better.... LOL

When I decided I was going to wear this one I went and confused myself. Opened up my drawer and OMG Where is it?! I forgot I took... I believe it was KarenD's advice to pop them apart so the bottles aren't sitting sideways. Or *gulp* one upside-down! Here it is put back together for the photo-op.

Which reminds me! Norma wants to see my mad storage skillz! lol The sad part is I am running out of space again! And I need to clean up my area. Gets messy around project time. Hopefully I can get that done tonight and have a picture for tomorrow. I will try! Also for tomorrow I will have my final (for now) Sinful Colors! OMG! I remember thinking I'd never get through them all. Watch me find some new ones to get next week. :p OH!!! Speaking of things I'm getting! LMAO I almost forgot! Lacey found the Julie G Frosted Gumdrops on Groupon for almost 50% off. After triple-checking my bank account and adding up the things that are being taken out (*cough~Netflix~cough*) I went ahead and ordered those. Had to sign up for Groupon so that's my first purchase and I have no idea how it's all going to work out... As long as it does, I'll be happy. Excited to do a skittle mani with those bright, fun colors. The ChG Textures are still on their way from California. At least it looks like they were put in one package. Can never be sure with amazon. I've ordered multiple items from the same seller before and had them arrive seperate.

Alrighty, been sitting here for 45 minutes with nothing to say so I guess I'll post up and get some walking in. Gotta walk off lunch, y'all!! ;) Hope everyone had a great week. Take care and be safe this weekend.


  1. Hmm, I feel like the top color should have been something warmer, the whitish opalescence doesnt really go with the nice warm green

    1. Yeah, overall I was a bit surprised at how "meh" I felt about this one. :/ (especially after seeing Midnight Date! LOL)


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