Saturday, April 27, 2013

Essence 'Legends Of The Sky' Polish Collection Swatches

Hello, lovelies!! (^_^)"/" Can you tell how excited I am? I'm a big Amelia Earhart fan so out of the five new displays at HEB I knew I had to complete at least this one. Or... complete it as much as I can. I 'liked' essence on facebook this morning just in time to find out that here in the States we don't get every little thing in the collections. :( They include what they think will be popular. Which is a sound business decision, but I think it's a bit unfair. So technically I'm missing two colors, but I guess I can live without a red and a beige. The upside to this is I do have all of the available Vintage District polishes so I don't have to keep peeking behind displays and under shelves trying to figure out where the last one went. Okay, no more rambling. On to the polish!!

Lovely. All of these swatches are two coats and the drying time is just what you'd except from their Colour & Go line. Very quick. Very smooth. Love love love essence polishes. Each of their polishes have a name and a number so I'll just go in order. :) Starting with 01 I Wear My Flying Goggles At Night.

A pretty, subdued sort of... taupey color? Mushroomy? I swear I need to get a jumbo box of crayolas and just match those up with these. :p

02 is Like Leo's Pilot Jacket.

This one is more of a khaki greenish color.

Since 01 and 02 are so similar (especially indoors) I got another bottle shot with these two together.

See? Not the same. Would be kind of weird if they were, huh? lol

03 is I Am A Viator.

A deep not-quite-brick-reddish brown. Indoors it was looking a lot like a shiny version of Taint, but the sun said otherwise.

Last, but certainly not least, 04 is No Better Way To Sky.

This one kinda shifts between leaning more orangey and leaning more coral depending on the light.

Pretty. :) All of them. The formula is amazingly smooth, super quick dry time. Seriously, 45 minutes tops for two coats to be totally dry, and that's with maybe 5min after the first one so you know it wasn't dry yet. So which of these lovely polishes earned the distinction of being today's full mani?.....

All of them! Naturally. lol So they're not particularly "Springtime Fresh". So what? It's still all cloudy and wet here anyways. :p

Uhm... the batteries in my camera are running low. Whether I remember to pick up more or not will determine if I swatch my three Vintage District colors or opt for something a little less ambitious. My Frosted Gumdrops have been handed off to the post office so I should be getting those early next week! *fingers crossed* 'Til then I'm going to see if I can squeeze in a quick nap before we head out. ;) Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. hehehhe they are pretty :) Like you said is more of a winter collection but its different from all the pastel and brights going around :)

    1. Hey! Good call. According to their site this collection came out January 2012. I have no idea why HEB got so many of these all late. The only really recent one is the Vintage District collection. *shrugs*

  2. Replies
    1. Me too. :) I think the orange was my favorite, though. Possibly because it stood out so much? lol

  3. I am hoping to sneak in a visit to HEB when I'm in Texas for a quick family reunion trip in June--I keep hearing about all the good polish people find there. I'd love to get my hands on more Essence--Ulta hasn't had any of the special collections in ages and nowhere else around here ever has it.

    1. OOooh, good luck! You can check the essence website to make sure the HEB near where you'll be sells it. If not you may still get lucky, we've got OPI, NOPI, essie, Rimmel, essence... I've seen Color Club on occasion. You never know what you'll find. ;)

  4. New way to sky is cayute, like those funny colours, cameleons hehe

    1. lol Better value for the money, too. ;)


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