Thursday, April 18, 2013


I did have my nails done for today, I do have pictures of it. Didn't get the art done that I wanted and then we spent all day running up and down Austin trying to hunt down latex. As such I didn't get to finish the art I wanted to do! So I'm just going to post up these pics I've been taking the past two weeks and post up the full mani tomorrow. :) These are just some local buildings that got torn down so if this doesn't interest you, then I'll see you tomorrow. lol

The first building to begin it's structural evacuation was the Baymont hotel. This was a Days Inn when it first opened and was nearly new when my family stayed there during my graduation weekend back in 1999. Not really an old building so it was quite a surprise that they were tearing it down.

Next was another big surprise. We've been taking our cars to this Midas since we moved here back in 1992. I was just there getting my oil changed. All of a sudden the office is empty and there's a sign on the door (that we never checked) and while they were still pulling down the Baymont they began work on my Midas!!

Across the street from all this is the Walgreens we go to every day (used to be a Texaco!) so we didn't miss a day of demolition. Yet, somehow, we managed to miss the pulling down of the Paint & Body shop that (used to) sit between Midas and Baymont!

Totally missed it! I mean, it wasn't a big building, but still. It was pretty solid. Little disappointing that the corner is still littered with rubble...

No signs, hints or whisperings as to what could possibly be going up here. Surely something will, it's a very busy corner. I got a crappy video of what's left. Hey, no wind beating up the microphone! Can you guess what I was listening to? ;)

So, yeah, super thrilling, right? LOL Now to catch up with my emails and facebook and get started on whatever I'm doing with one of those striping brushes so it will be ready for tomorrow. :p Hope everybody's having a great week!


  1. i wonder if Jack and the box will be next...

    1. It doesn't look like it. They're still business as usual. That McDonalds down by Kmart closed, though, and moved to the corner of Stan Schleuter and 195.

  2. These are the sorts of photos that will be even more interesting later, when the new whatever is done and you can look back at what was there before.

    1. Hopefully whatever they put up won't make me cry for what was there before. ;) Never can tell around here.


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