Thursday, April 25, 2013

Color Club: Cosmic Fate +Essence Surprise!

Hey hey hey. Going to try and type this up quick so hopefully I can get a nap in. Stayed up way too late and had to take my mom to the dermatologist early this morning. Hopefully those trips will be over soon. I don't mind going, the lady is nice and has tons of samples around the office, but the appointments are always so early! So, yes, today I decided to defy the weatherman. He was right (finally) and it's been completely overcast since 8:30am (it's noonish now), but I still had the last laugh! With the sun hidden behind the clouds I was able to capture the true color behind Cosmic Fate so you can see why it was one of my Halo Hues choices.

Sort of... Is it looking pink to you? Because it's not. :p It's actually a very pretty, sort of subdued orangey peachy color.

Stupid camera. This is three coats. Two probably would have been plenty, but I wanted to be sure. Stupid camera aside, I did capture the holo-rainbow indoors with the flash.

And more of that orangey peachy color I was telling you about. This one is more color accurate. Also, you get the added bonus of the back of Onyx's neck. She wasn't too happy that I wasn't paying her any attention. :p

OMG! So yesterday we were at HEB and Aaron asked me if I wanted to look at the polishes, even though we're pretty broke at the moment. I should have said "No"!! They had not one, not two, but SIX brand new, fully stocked essence displays! Aside from the super disappointment at seeing the Breaking Dawn Pt2 display up again they also had Vintage Disctric, Cherry Blossom Girl, Legends Of The Sky, Marble Mania and... the fairly recent nautical themed one who's name escapes me. HEB kindly had "buy 1 get 1 50% off" coupons so I grabbed:

Shopping @ Portobello Road, My Little Kimono, I Wear My Flying Goggles At Night (best name ever!) and Silver Twister. A mere pittance compared to what I wanted to grab. You can probably imagine how badly I'm hoping these displays don't get ransacked before Friday. According to my reciept the Cherry Blossom ones are selling at the old price of $0.99. Fancy! So, yes, if my luck holds out (pleasepleaseplease) I'll be getting a ton more of these before they disappear forevers. Why couldn't they have these at Ulta the other day?! *ugh* Whatever. At least I have these ones.

My friend Melissa finally removed her acrylic nails only to find her natural nails in quite the state of disrepair. So she asked for advice, I offered some, and I asked if she'd mind documenting her experience for you guys. She said sure! :D So she's going to do some field work starting with nails that are in pretty bad shape (mine are fairly healthy except the yellowing) so we can all benefit from her nail repair adventure. Exciting! I think tomorrow I'm going to try out one of these Illamasquas. Oh man oh man I want it to be Radium, but I just wore Green Means Go!... *frets* I guess we'll see how I feel after dinner. ;) Hope everyone's having a great week!!


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