Thursday, April 11, 2013

China Glaze: No Plain Jane & Color Club: Eternal Beauty

Hello lovelies!! I have some pretty pretty purples for you today. :D Also some good news and some (non-traumatic) bad news. *aw* First things first: The Pretties!

I picked up No Plain Jane last November initially for my No H8 post because I thought the name was appropriate, but then I changed my mind. So this particular pretty has been sitting around for over five months waiting for me to give her a shot. The wait is over!

OOoooooh. :) No Plain Jane is a purple/tan duochrome from the Boho-...what? *checks* Bohemian Luster Chrome collection. You can actually see the tan on the left side of the bottle there. Unfortunately this is three coats because it is pretty sheer. Hence the hair-marks. :p

Now, I know a lot of people were disappointed with this collection (aren't they usually? -_-), but I think it's just cuz they weren't looking right. See, whether intentional or not the name "Bohemian" has, in my experience, been pretty appropriate. So it's not a super flashy all-at-once duochrome. The colors are there if you just change your perspective a bit and look at it in a different light.

Chillax, sit back and enjoy. It's not about getting caught up in hype and getting everything at once. It's about living in the moment. See that low-light moment? Totally tan. Well, not totally since I got some purple in that shot, but you get what I'm saying. IT IS THERE! :p My goodness. lol

Okay, so I woke up this morning (yes, morning!) thanks to Jet (my mom's dog) opening up the curtain and lazer-blasting my eyes with sunshine. So I decided to grab Eternal Beauty and give her a go while I had the opportunity!

OOOOooooooooh! AAAaaaaaaah.... pretty. *teehee* This is one coat over No Plain Jane.

Interesting tidbit, if I had been a bit quicker with my camera we could have almost seen a time-lapse effect on my nails. Painting out in the sun I noticed that this holo goes on scattered but dries linear. Fancy, huh? Was pretty cool. I was all confused and concerned at first and then the little rainbows took shape. Then Eternal Beauty decided she was jealous and wanted her own "magic shadow" shot...

Y'know, to show of her pretty purple without all that pesky holo getting in the way. ;)

So, good news! I conducted a recount and I am now at 38 unworn out of 653! Which brings me down to an astonishing 5.8% unworn!! :D Pre-Sephora haul, obviously, but there's still time. lol 93.6% there! Would have been 94% by now but stupid SBTV mobile screwed me again last night. I'll get there. Still right on schedule. The bad news? .....stupid Sims. *pouts* After my "kill these sims with weather" town errored beyond repair I went back to my "30 grandkids" town and... wait for it... PlantSim babies don't count! WHAT?! It says they're grandkids in the relationships panel and they counted towards her "Have XX Grandkids" Want, but apparently that's not good enough for the badge. *sigh* Whatever, I've still got her and her daughter (and her daughter's husband) so it's back to knocking her up repeatedly. *fingers crossed* for more triplets...

Uhm... I usually prefer to end on a high note... uhm... OH! My "Super Woman" costume for the Injustice release is finished! :D All I have to do is throw it on and go. Oh! and... uhm.... nope. That's all I got. LOL Gonna go take a shower before I fall asleep again. ;) Y'all take care out there. Happy Polishing!!


  1. WOW over 650 nail polishes? I'd love to see a post/pics about your polish storage!!!

  2. Yes! I'll keep an eye out. Thanks! I have about 130 bottles and I'm finding it hard to store them. Can't imagine storing as many as you have, wow *boggles* :)

    1. It has gotten tricky. It'll be a couple days before I can get pictures (it's such a mess in here!), but Walmart has stackable drawers for about $13 that I use. 130 bottles would easily fit in one of those with room for more. :)

  3. I have deviantly daring from that collection, that one is pretty good, it has almost no duo chrome, but it's pretty

  4. Oh my Eternal Beauty is just that! Soooo beautiful! So much rainbow :D. 38 untried out of over 650 is so impressive!! Sorry I haven't commented in forever, I've been off the laptop for a while, y'know how it is sometimes :).

    1. No worries! :) Always a pleasure when you stop by. Can't wait to see your seapunk project all finished!


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