Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Julie G: Hot Cinnamon

Ready to see me get jacked up over a red polish? It doesn't happen often, but I was so excited wearing Hot Cinnamon last night I had to post a little preview pic (taken with my webcam... in the dark...) on facebook. This is two coats and, yes, I'm jumping right in on this one!

O-M-G!!! I don't even know where to begin! You know those hot cinnamon disc shaped hard candies? It's like someone smashed those up with a hammer and turned the resulting candy-dust into polish. I keep wanting to suck on my fingers.

While the Milani and China Glaze texture polishes are closer to each other with their cream bases and more prominant texture, Hot Cinnamon is more like the PixieDusts as far as texture and sparkle, except this one has more of a shiney jelly-like finish. It has that texture appearance, but is pretty smooth to the touch. I think these would be a good place to start if you think you'll be bothered by texture. Those of you lucky enough to live near one, these have been spotted at Rite Aid. Or you can order them from their website.... here. There is the full set up on eBay for $34 as well. Just... ya know... whatever. lol

So, I didn't win the Pure Ice spring flowers nail art contest. *boo* I still don't understand Twitter so I have no idea how to find the one that did win. That's okay, I guess. Still got 40 polishes to go through. Don't know if I want to do my four Ready For Boarding colors or spread them out... something completely different... I have no idea. lol Stupid weatherman keeps threatening rains upon us. Actually, I think I'm going to go ahead and swatch Topaz for ya. Knock out my last Revlon and then double back for Sugar Rush. Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to stash these JulieG polishes to keep them all together... ;) Y'all take care out there!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Essence Vintage District Collection +Flowers

*stretches* Hello, darlings. Just woke up from my post-Dallas nap (woke up at 6:30am for this trip!) so it's a good thing I got the majority of the pictures for today's post yesterday! ;) Apparently if you go here you can view the US versions of essence's collections. So I either end up feeling better ("Hey, they didn't sell that color here!") or worse ("What yahoo grabbed the last of that color?!"). So now it is with great pride and deepest joy that I bring the US version of the Vintage District polishes. :D All of these are two coats with your standard (for essence) amazing dry time.

Starting with 01 Vintage Peach.

I think this ended up being my favorite? It's hard to pick one, but I like how simple and subdued it is.

02 is Shopping @ Portobello Road. A gorgeous, deep turquoise.

Somebody please help me. All I know about Portobello Road is that they mention it in one of those old live-action Disney movies and I can not remember which one! I want to say Bedknobs and Broomsticks, but I'm not sure...

03 is Antique Pink. To me it looks more Antique Rose, but whatever. lol

I love this one, too. They're all so pretty and definitely have a Vintage feel to 'em.

So, apparently I was overtaken with the compulsion to create some vintage looking wallpaper nail art....

:p That wasn't my intention, but that's kinda what it ended up looking like. Wallpaper. LOL Cute, but weird. And there they are. The Vintage District collection. What did you think? Any personal favorites?

Guess what finally came in the mail! :D

I'm torn. I want to swatch all of these in one post (partly to bring my number back down), but I want to give these the same fair shake I gave the PixieDusts. I want to wear them all. They're so pretty!! hehehe So I think I'll go ahead and do that. I've gotten some full collection posts under my belt. I can be happy with that. There's thunder in the distance so I should probably post up before something bad happens with the power lines. :p Hope everyone's week is off to a fantastic start!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

LA Colors: Flicker & Nails Inc: Soho Square

If you hadn't guessed, yes, I was a total putz and forgot to pick up batteries. I remembered everything else. Even picked up the last of the essence polishes I'll be getting. Forgot batteries. So today we're taking a quick detour into NeonLand! Again I managed to be very careful with the white, so no annoying white ridge around the outside. Woohoo!

This is two coats of Flicker over two coats of white. Your basic (yeah, I said it) highlighter yellow. Dry time on this one was pretty impressive. Worry free after an hour or so.

Impressively bright. Maybe one day I'll do a comparison, but I'm not sure how well (if at all) any differences would show up. lol We'll see. ;)

I had read some bad reviews about Soho Square, but I wasn't about to let that deter me. It's neon, it's green, and it's crackle. The only thing that could possibly make it better is if it were a neon green glitter crackle. hehehehe

That's not so terrible. Being neon it is more of a jelly-based crackle so it obviously won't work as well over darker (or seriously contrasting) colors, but it is exactly what it says it is. Neon green crackle.

It's coming off a little dirty there, but I'm thinking that's due to the blinding brightness of Flicker. *shrugs* Soho Square gets a thumbs up from me. If you like neon green and/or crackles it's a good one. So long as you keep in mind the limitations of the jelly-neon.

So after going through the site and looking over the available polishes, I got two more yesterday and I think that'll be it for me. Someone snatched up both of the Ready For Boarding yellows so I'm missing that one, also the last red in the Cherry Blossom Girl. I'm not going to pick up the yellow if I can't get the whole collection, but I did get the peachy colored one. :p I may grab the black and beige from the Marble Mania collection if the coupons are still up. Just to fortify the message "Hey! People buy these!!!" to HEB. I wonder if people think the low price = low quality? Just because it's "Europes favorite makeup brand" doesn't mean it's good enough for Americans? *psssh* I kinda wish someone would ask me while I'm staring at the displays cuz I'd tell 'em: "For the price essence beats the shit out of any other brand in here".

Alright, enough rambling. I need to find a clean shirt to wear and see if we can't get our running around done early. Y'all take care out there! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. :D

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Essence 'Legends Of The Sky' Polish Collection Swatches

Hello, lovelies!! (^_^)"/" Can you tell how excited I am? I'm a big Amelia Earhart fan so out of the five new displays at HEB I knew I had to complete at least this one. Or... complete it as much as I can. I 'liked' essence on facebook this morning just in time to find out that here in the States we don't get every little thing in the collections. :( They include what they think will be popular. Which is a sound business decision, but I think it's a bit unfair. So technically I'm missing two colors, but I guess I can live without a red and a beige. The upside to this is I do have all of the available Vintage District polishes so I don't have to keep peeking behind displays and under shelves trying to figure out where the last one went. Okay, no more rambling. On to the polish!!

Lovely. All of these swatches are two coats and the drying time is just what you'd except from their Colour & Go line. Very quick. Very smooth. Love love love essence polishes. Each of their polishes have a name and a number so I'll just go in order. :) Starting with 01 I Wear My Flying Goggles At Night.

A pretty, subdued sort of... taupey color? Mushroomy? I swear I need to get a jumbo box of crayolas and just match those up with these. :p

02 is Like Leo's Pilot Jacket.

This one is more of a khaki greenish color.

Since 01 and 02 are so similar (especially indoors) I got another bottle shot with these two together.

See? Not the same. Would be kind of weird if they were, huh? lol

03 is I Am A Viator.

A deep not-quite-brick-reddish brown. Indoors it was looking a lot like a shiny version of Taint, but the sun said otherwise.

Last, but certainly not least, 04 is No Better Way To Sky.

This one kinda shifts between leaning more orangey and leaning more coral depending on the light.

Pretty. :) All of them. The formula is amazingly smooth, super quick dry time. Seriously, 45 minutes tops for two coats to be totally dry, and that's with maybe 5min after the first one so you know it wasn't dry yet. So which of these lovely polishes earned the distinction of being today's full mani?.....

All of them! Naturally. lol So they're not particularly "Springtime Fresh". So what? It's still all cloudy and wet here anyways. :p

Uhm... the batteries in my camera are running low. Whether I remember to pick up more or not will determine if I swatch my three Vintage District colors or opt for something a little less ambitious. My Frosted Gumdrops have been handed off to the post office so I should be getting those early next week! *fingers crossed* 'Til then I'm going to see if I can squeeze in a quick nap before we head out. ;) Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Illamasqua: Taint & Nails Inc: York +Plus

OMG! Got Aaron out of the house early so I was hoping to get this up real quick so I can play Fallout and there's so many blogs to catch up on! LOL I think I'll just have to remind myself to do that tonight before Sims. ;) Today I'm starting out with two coats of Taint. Yep, that's the one I decided to swatch first. Taint. We're all juveniles here so let me say that again. Taint. *snickers* Okay, enough of that, let's take a good look at my Taint!!

Nice. lol Actually, it looks really nice, but the formula... it went on super smooth just like melted chocolate (cuz it looks like solid chocolate dried), but it did take quite a while to dry. That's why Ms Righty is posing for us today. Ms Left threw a hissy fit or something and ended up with hair marks aplenty in spite of my four hour wait. Two coats. One may have sufficed, but I wanted to be sure. Also... you're probably wondering about the white speckles... That'll teach me to spray water-tight sealant before picture time.... -_-

The close-up there is a bit more color accurate. Taint leans more milk chocolate and less dark chocolate. I love the smooth matte finish for this color. To compensate for my sudden bout of insanity I knew I just had to swatch two polishes today, but what would go well with this lovely matte brown? I know!

Sprinkles!!! I mean... feathers. York. Yeah. lol This combo reminds me so much of chocolate cupcakes with Halloween sprinkles. *noms* This is one coat. One coat doesn't quite reach a full cover fur/feather effect, but I think it looks cute. Like cupcakes with sprinkles.... ;)

So, insanity. Yes. And a smidgen of disappointment.

YES!!! The good news is I now have all of the Legends Of The Sky polishes and, rain or shine, I will be swatching that collection tomorrow. The bad news is I thought I had gotten all of the Vintage District polishes, but online searching tells me there's one more. :( It's not in our display! There's not even room for it. WTF?! I'm going to keep looking and keep my eyes open and hopefully out of nowhere will pop a rogue bottle of Get Arty. Other good news, if you couldn't tell by the picture, the "nautical" themed collection is called Ready For Boarding and those are $0.99, too! Only two more of those to get, three of the Cherry Blossom Girl and three or four of the Marble Mania. And Get Arty... whereever that one may be hiding... :( If you're curious about the names they'll all be up on my collection page shortly after I post this. Just have to meander over to my laptop (next to the tv so I can look stuff up while I play Fallout) since my desktop doesn't want me updating my yola site anymore. *ugh* That's the sort of behavior that got Frankenputer tossed into the cat room, ya know! Sometimes you have to threaten your computer before it'll cooperate. :p

So that's it for today. Come on back tomorrow for another essence full collection swatch-o-rama. So happy that the Twilight one won't end up being the only one. Also tomorrow, funds permitting, I'll be grabbing the last two Ready For Boarding colors. muahahahaha! Hope everybody has a fantabulous weekend!!! :D

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Color Club: Cosmic Fate +Essence Surprise!

Hey hey hey. Going to try and type this up quick so hopefully I can get a nap in. Stayed up way too late and had to take my mom to the dermatologist early this morning. Hopefully those trips will be over soon. I don't mind going, the lady is nice and has tons of samples around the office, but the appointments are always so early! So, yes, today I decided to defy the weatherman. He was right (finally) and it's been completely overcast since 8:30am (it's noonish now), but I still had the last laugh! With the sun hidden behind the clouds I was able to capture the true color behind Cosmic Fate so you can see why it was one of my Halo Hues choices.

Sort of... Is it looking pink to you? Because it's not. :p It's actually a very pretty, sort of subdued orangey peachy color.

Stupid camera. This is three coats. Two probably would have been plenty, but I wanted to be sure. Stupid camera aside, I did capture the holo-rainbow indoors with the flash.

And more of that orangey peachy color I was telling you about. This one is more color accurate. Also, you get the added bonus of the back of Onyx's neck. She wasn't too happy that I wasn't paying her any attention. :p

OMG! So yesterday we were at HEB and Aaron asked me if I wanted to look at the polishes, even though we're pretty broke at the moment. I should have said "No"!! They had not one, not two, but SIX brand new, fully stocked essence displays! Aside from the super disappointment at seeing the Breaking Dawn Pt2 display up again they also had Vintage Disctric, Cherry Blossom Girl, Legends Of The Sky, Marble Mania and... the fairly recent nautical themed one who's name escapes me. HEB kindly had "buy 1 get 1 50% off" coupons so I grabbed:

Shopping @ Portobello Road, My Little Kimono, I Wear My Flying Goggles At Night (best name ever!) and Silver Twister. A mere pittance compared to what I wanted to grab. You can probably imagine how badly I'm hoping these displays don't get ransacked before Friday. According to my reciept the Cherry Blossom ones are selling at the old price of $0.99. Fancy! So, yes, if my luck holds out (pleasepleaseplease) I'll be getting a ton more of these before they disappear forevers. Why couldn't they have these at Ulta the other day?! *ugh* Whatever. At least I have these ones.

My friend Melissa finally removed her acrylic nails only to find her natural nails in quite the state of disrepair. So she asked for advice, I offered some, and I asked if she'd mind documenting her experience for you guys. She said sure! :D So she's going to do some field work starting with nails that are in pretty bad shape (mine are fairly healthy except the yellowing) so we can all benefit from her nail repair adventure. Exciting! I think tomorrow I'm going to try out one of these Illamasquas. Oh man oh man I want it to be Radium, but I just wore Green Means Go!... *frets* I guess we'll see how I feel after dinner. ;) Hope everyone's having a great week!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello Kitty: Green Means Go! +Sephora Haul

Hiyee!! *teehee* Told ya my dad was lucky, didn't I? Couldn't have been better timing either because *ugh* Ulta was such a bust! The polishes couldn't have been in any worse shape if they were at Walmart. Empty shelves, mixed up brands, it was a nightmare. :( Turned me off so bad. So I may have come home empty-handed, but the day was still a success!

OOOOoooooh! ^_^ All of the new polishes are up on my collection page except... *sigh* Instead of sending me the Sephora Gold Glitter crackle they sent me another bottle of the Opalescent Gold. Oh well, I'm sure Isis will like it. I still have three Illamasquas, three more Nails Inc and two more Hello Kitty polishes to love and play with. Plus my perfumes which are fruity and flowery and right up my alley! No musk or spice or anything old ladyish about these pretties. I was expecing the one bottle to be a bit bigger (and the roller ball stick to be a bit smaller LOL) but it's the same size as the polishes and that's just too cute to complain about. Also, when it's empty I'm going to fill it with rhinestones. hehehehe I also go my free samples:

Another perfume, some wrinkle cream, some perfume on cardboard and some teeny little dots of foundation on cardboard. :p I was expecting that to be a little bigger as well, but it might help me narrow down an appropriate shade without fiddling with bottles in the store. Can try a swipe and then take the bit that's left with me for comparison. Yay! So (hopefully) no regrets there.

So. heh I couldn't help but reach for Hello Kitty Green Means Go! from the (relatively) new Tokyo Pop collection. I told myself "You should layer this over white" and... I should have listened to myself.

*teehee* Cute! Still, that's four coats that I should have layered over white!!! *sigh* On the bright side, the dry time is amazing. Four coats, yes, but an hour after I finished I laid down for a nap and no sheet or hair marks! o_O Yeah!

So that's pretty amazing. I'll be wearing this again, but definitely over white. I don't know what I'm going to do about the brush, though. It's a bit long for the bottle so the bristles are pretty bendy... I'm wondering if that has more to do with the patchiness or if it's the formula. *shrugs* Issues aside I still love it. The color reminds me of Kerropi, it dries so fast and, hey, it's Hello freakin' Kitty! LOL It doesn't even bother me (much) that the sticker with the name is missing.

So... yes. I keep shying away from the holos because the stupid weather channel keeps saying "rain rain rain clouds and rain", but it was bright and sunny (if cold) when I went out for these pictures. Tomorrow I'm going to wear a holo and that pudgey weather guy can kiss my ass about it. :p Barry recommended that I check out Tumblr and start posting pics up there to bring more people to my blog and I said I'd look into it. I have. I signed up, but I haven't had a chance to really look around yet. Fun things a'comin'. Can't quite figure out how to change my thingy from "untitled"... but I will! lol Somehow someway. I guess that's it. Time to get dressed and pick up dinner. Hope everybody's having a terrific week! :D

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Zoya: Tallulah vs WnW: Saved By The Blue

Two seconds... just catching up on the few blogs I have to read on the laptop and have been forgetting for a couple of (pretty busy) days... just one more.... and..... all caught up. *phew* Last night was pretty interesting. I don't have pictures... well... I do have pictures, but I'm not sharing them until he shares first. He keeps griping at me that I'm beating him to the punch on his own stuff. *oops* I did get very lucky. 90SB goal yesterday and with no time to really sit at the computer I managed to finish off the goal standing around last night doing SB searches on my phone. Needed 16 to reach the goal and managed a very lucky 18SB search! :D Which made me a happy Lizzy. The GameStop chicks loved their zombie makeups which made him a happy Aaron. lol

So today I have Zoya Tallulah which I picked up during one of their online sales. I knew I was going to be wanting something bright and pretty and Tallulah definitely delivers.

Tallulah is a bright blue with light blue shimmer. Together they create an almost teal effect. This is two coats. Probably could have gone for a third, but the VNL wasn't terribly noticeable most of the time... and I didn't really have a ton of time to sit around staring at my nails. :p

I don't know if I expected Tallulah and Saved By The Blue to be closer in color, or if SBTB was just in my head because I had worn it recently. Either way, looking at the bottles they don't appear to be that similar.

The biggest difference, I think, is Tallulah's shimmer.

.....oops. Forgot to label the picture. I've got Saved By The Blue on my index and ring fingers and Tallulah on my middle and pinky. ;)

Tallulah on the left, Saved By The Blue on the right. Little hard to tell the difference since it was all muggy and overcast. SBTB is a more "perfect" blue while Tallulah is a bit lighter and leans kinda tealish. Even though they're not close enough for it to be a deciding factor; Zoya's formula kills WnW's. I like the fastdry, but it's a bit gluey and the brush is really stiff. At least it all comes out pretty in the end. :)

So... apparently there was some kind of delay with the truck, but my Sephora box is marked as "out for delivery" now. *frets* I hope it gets here. I was going to start sending packages to my mother-in-law's house, but forgot in my excitement. *deep breath* It's okay. My dad's here and he's lucky and he loves me so it will get here!! How do ya like my logic there? LOL Totally forgot I wanted to run to Ulta yesterday and didn't get to... well, I didn't forget that part. I forgot the part where I was going to go this morning. Finally got a reward voucher. Can either get a reward item free or $3.50 off of $10. They're supposed to have the Bond Girls collection so I'll probably use the $3.50 off of $10 for one of those. And whatever I can scrounge out of their clearance section. ;) Or maybe one of the new PixieDusts if they have those. I think I'll go check. Right now. Hope everyone's having a fantastic week so far!! :D

Monday, April 22, 2013

Julep Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum Update #3

Yep, it's getting it's own post today. Not because I noticed anything super spectacular, because today was just so busy! This is the first moment I've had to sit at the computer today. Been up and moving around since 9:30am... Oy. The good news is my dad's home for the week! :D I do have Tallulah on, but haven't had a chance to get pictures. I will have that tomorrow along with a comparison against Saved By The Blue. So there's that to look forward to. Also, so that I don't have my nekkid nails stinking up your blog feed, here's a picture I took the other day while we were out hunting down latex:

That was written on the stall in the bathroom at Target. Probably by one of the little girls that nearly mowed me down rushing out. -_- Now that that's out of the way, on to the serum!

Okay, still no visible reduction in ridges. I really didn't expect that there would be, but I'm still a *tad* disappointed. Now, I did file my nails a bit. Not a lot, but there's not going to be that visible growth like I showed you last time. It's hard to tell just by looking, but they're not getting any worse, so that's a start.

Side-by-side it does appear that the yellowing is still growing out like it should, though.

Perhaps? Just a little? Looks that way to me anyway. :p So, same verdict as before. No miraculous turnaround, but some steady progress (so far) concerning the yellowing. *fingers crossed* this keeps up! Okay, time to post up and start getting ready to head out and get pics for tonight's midnight release. Dead Island: Riptide! Aaron's doing up the staff as zombies for the occassion. Yep. Y'all take care!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Essence: Chic Reloaded & Pure Ice: Irreplaceable

Well, yesterday wasn't fantastic and today isn't starting off much better. Even so, last night I made the executive decision that one thing I could do for myself is finish linking two of my more numerous brands. So I did! Starting with two coats of Chic Reloaded.

I almost swatched Chic Reloaded months ago with one of my purple-green duochrome comparisons, but decided then that it was too different. To illustrate my reasoning I went ahead and applied two coats of Where Is The Party? on my pinky. Chic Reloaded is much darker. Also, the "green" comes off more blue-green and way more shimmery than it's purple counterpart. Which is kinda weird, but cool.

See? lol Chic Reloaded is part of the new(ish) line release and should be availabe whereever you find essence displays. Like Ulta... or HEB... I don't know who else sells them, but I know other places do. If I happen to catch a mention somewhere I'll let ya know. ;)

Ah Pure Ice. I had a "last swatch" sometime last year before the big influx. S'okay, though! I don't mind. lol Especially now that I'm so close to being all caught up. Irreplaceable is an interesting glitter that reminds me of stars in the sky. This is one coat.

Irreplaceable has a sheerish black base packed full of black microglitter with a smattering of silver microglitter and some smallish silver hex-glitters. It does dry a little less than perfectly smooth, but one layer of topcoat fixes that right up.

If you look closely you can see evidence of Chic Reloaded so if wearing this alone you may need two coats.

Ah.... so bittersweet getting them all swatched/linked like that. Speaking of bittersweet....

Earth Day Sale! Polishes are $4 (except the PixieDusts *boo*) and you can trade in your old polishes (except other Zoyas) and they'll dispose of them in an Earth-friendly manner. Bittersweet?! Yes. No hints that they were, in fact, doing this again this year which gave me no time to save up! Still saving for the 2nd PixieDust collection, but still.... So I'm missing it again. No reason not to share, though, right? If you can't fathom giving up any of your precious collection, that's okay! "Offer is not contingent on customer returning polish". Let me know if you take advantage of this so I can drool and be all envious. ;)

Yes, I skipped the Julep serum update on purpose. Figured since I did it Monday the past two weeks I may as well continue with Monday. Full week's progress and all. Probably have a lot more color-related staining (so many dark colors this Spring!), but we'll see if we can't look beyond all that. Guess I should try waking Aaron again so we can finish his mom's yard... Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend! :D