Friday, March 1, 2013

Zoya: Apple +Gradient Attempt

Hi everybody! Lookie! 45 followers! Hi, Lacey!! :D Click that link to see the Summer PixieDust press release. OMG!! Exciting. And a little disappointing there's still no green.... I'll still be getting these, though. Stalking the site waiting for the pre-order to open. hehehehe

Speaking of Zoya, I said I was going to swatch Apple today and I did!

Uhm... that's two coats. Judging by my gradient (coming shortly) three should bring it to opacity. Maybe four. Also, Apple is way more of a yellow green than blue like it's looking in the pictures... weird.

Comparison time!! Today I have Apple (left bottle) vs Meg (right bottle).

Again, there is way more blue showing up in Apple than I'm seeing in real life. Don't know why... So I attempted my "gradient comparison" with Meg on the tips aaaaaaaand.....

..........*facepalm* Maybe if we zoom a little?

Okay, I'll be honest, it's barely discernable in real life, too. But they are different! I just have to show you the boring, old-fashioned way, I guess...

See? Different. On the bright side, thanks to my good friend, Marie, I do have some very pretty nail art to share!

O_o How nice is that! Very nice. lol She said the silver glitter is gel polish. That's about all I know.

Tomorrow is Sinful Saturday! I think I'm going to swatch Hazard. And possibly Last Chance. Definitely Hazard, though. Walgreens sale is starting soon (on March 3rd) so I'll get some glitters if they still have them and possibly the rest of the Sugar Rush pastels. We'll see when I get there! My mom wants to go with me to pick up some vitamins and I'm going to get so many points on my card. hehehehe Hope everyone has a great weekend! I think I may have picked up a bug so who knows how that's going to work out.... Happy polishing, everybody!! :D


  1. I can kinda tell the difference between apple and meg but not in the close up, strangely enough. Oh, random question if you don't mind answering. I know you've bought from llarowe before and I noticed that the packages require signature confirmation...did you have to sign for yours? I'm hardly at home because I work a lot so this could be a issue... Anyways thanks in advance if you answer :)

    1. I actually haven't bought from Llarowe, it was kind of a fluke that I got my A Englands through them because of the new shipping rules in England. :/ Uhm, according to the faq they have different shipping options, though it doesn't say what those options are... To answer your actual question: No, I did not have to sign for it. lol Whether that is standard or because it was *technically* an A England direct (redirected) I don't know. Sorry!

  2. Apple reminds me of a cocktail for some reason...makes me thirsty ;) I could see the different colours in the gradient, it looked cute :)

    1. Yay! Glad you could see it. I could in real life, but the pictures not as much. Perhaps your eyes are better than mine. ;)


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