Monday, March 18, 2013

St Patrick's Day Mani

Hiyee. :) Yep, now I have my themed mani just in time for my ma-in-law's birthday. lol We'll be heading out to see her in about an hour, so let's get this typed up and posted already! You may (or, in fact, may not) remember a while back Walmart had these cute (and cheap) Rimmel minis. I was a good girl and only grabbed four. I decided that Sage All The Rage would make a nice, subdued base for today's fabulously funky french.

Yeah, apparently I wasn't paying attention during clean-up. :p My fault, not the polish's. This is two coats that did not dry in 60seconds. As you can probably tell by the sheetmarks.

Then came the BIG FUN! Not really. I imagined this being a bit easier. lol I started with doing my tips with KleanColor Metallic Green, then I added a little gold bling inspired by Abbie's mani here.

whom~whom.... Aaron said it reminds him of Riverdance shoes. lol Okay, so Ms Righty there didn't turn out too badly. Poor Ms Lefty got to be a lesson in patience and waiting for layers to dry...

I got the gold chain in my first Nail Art Socity package. (That's not a referral link, apparently they don't do that) So, anyway, I gingerly laid the gold chain across the wet bottom of the green tips (or, as gingerly as I can manage with my massive man-hands) and used tweezers to sort of press it down and make sure it was flat and (relatively) straight. Then I used toenail clippers to trim the edges. That was the hard part cuz it kept trying to pop up and move around. Then two layers of topcoat because I'm super paranoid about snagging an edge and ripping the chains off.

It's kinda cool. Might need to keep my eyes open for some teeny silver chains. Ya know, for not-St-Patricks-Day designs. :p

Time to get dressed and make myself look human. Everbody send hugs to my poor distressed Sandypants. I know first-hand how awful it is trying to get people out of your house once you're just fed up having them there. :/ *hugs Sandy* Hope everybody had a terrific weekend. I sure did. hehehehehe *ahem* No idea what I'm doing tomorrow (which is Tuesday... not Wednesday....) so... yeah. C'mon back and we can all be surprised together! LOL


  1. Cute! Did you do an acid wash effect on the base color?

    1. Nope. :/ That's color transfer from the Metallic Green. lol

  2. i really like that!! but i doubt i'd have the patience for that! and my hands would probably be took shaky!

    and all i gotta say is 2 more weeks


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