Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sinful Saturday Water Marble

*stretches* Hi, guys! Long day, huh? Actually, I wouldn't know because I slept through it. :p Got a text from my dad at almost 3am saying he'd be ready to be picked up at 8am... huh? Apparently they need drivers for a big ol' Coca-Cola shipment and in order to work out the hours he had to be home this weekend instead of next; which sucks for him cuz then he'll be driving three weeks before his vacation and he only has enough heart medication for two weeks.... *sigh* Stupid Schneider. He'll be taking his pills every other day and hoping for the best. If they don't dick him around too much it should be okay....

So, anyway, I got the water marble to work! It's been a while, so for those of you who don't know: I learned everything I know about water marble from Colette. I likely won't do any tutorials because they would just feel reductive compared to hers. Just check out her youtube channel there, watch, and learn. lol Only thing I can add is that I use generic (HEB brand) bottled "Natural Spring" water since we don't have a water filter and Sinful Colors polishes tend to work really well, in my experience. So you don't need to make a huge investment to get water marble to work and since they're only $2/bottle you don't have to feel bad about 'wasting' so much polish. The technique I used for this one is similar to her Bumblebee Stripes there, except that I think my cups are smaller so I got some of the edge-waves on there, too.

There's Ms Lefty. And Ms Righty...

Ta-da! It was fairly overcast so the colors aren't as bright as they are in real life. I did this over white... uhm... Oh, I think the bubbles are from rushing a bit? Either that or because I have to hold my fingers under so long while I'm cleaning up the water's surface... Unsure. Never gotten so many before! Here's the colors I used:

These are all from the new(ish) Sugar Rush collection: Cotton Candy, Sugar Rush, Orange Cream, and Sweet Tooth. Like how the sun came out for the freakin' bottle shot? *facepalm* I did manage one quick picture before it hid again:

There. Pretty, bright, pastel.

Now... while I had my marble supplies out, I did do a little test and managed a flower design with some Pure Ice colors... I don't know that I'd do a full mani, but I could easily do four nails for their contest... I guess it wouldn't be too terrible if I never shared my Twitter name thingy with anybody, right? Just for contests... #ihatehashtags... :p *ugh* Just you watch, I'm going to sign up to enter this contest and by end of next month I'll have it installed on my phone tweeting every little thing as if anybody cared, then I'll get a stalker and Aaron will be in prison for snapping his neck.... I better win.... LOL

OMG!! I don't know what was wrong with me last night. I had a serious case of responsibleness or something. We went to Walmart to grab a Mt Dew and some breakfast so I could stay awake to pick up my dad. I was going to get some polish. Either two Pure Ice (my Walmart has the new display!) or one Hard Candy and... I just didn't end up wanting any. What?! Yeah... I mean, not all of the Pure Ices are new so I have a lot of those, and I almost grabbed Crush On Lava to compare it to Beetle and I just couldn't do it... :( Maybe I'm coming down with something... LOL

On the bright side, my Julep box should be in the mailbox in about an hour and a half. Yay! I don't even remember what colors I'm getting... I am excited for that cuticle stick thingy and you can expect some periodic reviews on how well I think it is (or isn't) working. I wish they'd throw in that pedi cream or some more drying drops one of these days. Those are both super awesome products.

I guess I'll quit rambling and get to these surveys sitting in my inbox. *fingers crossed* Then I'll see about making myself sign up for Twitter... If not I might still do the water marble to show you guys, if not then I'll likely swatch Guinevere. Unless I piss myself off by forgetting to pick up tomorrow's dinner tonight, in which case I might choose something a bit darker. ;) We'll see! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!


  1. I usually get bubbles when I take my fingers out of the water too fast. Cute water marble!

    1. Hrm... maybe that's what it is. I make sure to shake off the excess water, so it's not that. So frustrating! lol And thanks. :)

  2. Oooh wow I love it! So girly and perfect for Easter!


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