Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sinful Colors: Sweet Tooth & Models Own: Freak Out

Hello, dolls! WTF made me think I'd be able to swatch Knackered over pastel purple? I don't know, but the test showed it was no bueno so that's why I'm wearing Freak Out again. This time it's over purple instead of blue, though, so you get to see it another way. :)

I did start with two coats of Sweet Tooth, because WTF was I thinking skipping Sinful Saturday?! LOL

This is from the recent Sugar Rush collection. I'm really liking these. This one had a nice, smooth formula and dried fairly quickly. I was afraid I wasn't going to like it. Indoors it looked too close to my skintone which was freaking me out a bit. Outside, however, in even the slightest sunlight, it became more pretty purple and less sickly "wtf is wrong with my hands?".

As I was putting Knackered back into my International drawer, I noticed Freak Out's blue cap staring at me. I checked my previous swatch and decided it was totally okay to wear it again. I always say I'm going to and so far this is the first time I've actually done it. :p

I think I like this better over purple than blue. Like what I did to my index finger while I was putting my shoes on? Right after I told myself "be careful, it's probably not fully dry yet". :p

I love Freak Out... lol I guess I'll go ahead and do Knackered tomorrow. Doesn't seem right to make it wait a whole other week and I plan on getting my last two Wet n Wilds done next Wednesday anyways. Guess I better let Jet out before she destroys the room... Hope everyone's having a great week. Halfway there!


  1. What color are you planning to swatch knackered over? I usually swatch those types of colors over black

    1. I was thinking silver, but a big part of me wants to keep it true to it's nature. I think I'll do one silver, one black and two just Knackered to give everyone a better idea of what it really looks like. :)

  2. Freak out is a great glitter. Love the combo.

    1. Thanks. :) I was really happy with it. Almost a shame to have to change... lol


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