Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sinful Colors: Secret Admirer & Fantasy +My Routine!

Hi, everybody! Welcome back, Abbie! Great to see y'all here. So I took pictures of my process and which products I use so I can share with you... ya know, my process and what I use. :p Also some things I have learned and stuff and... yeah. This is the stuff I actually use every day and it's all bargain-basement pricing so you don't have to worry about getting all excited then thinking "Gee, that's great for you, but...". Few things suck more than someone else being super excited about something you can't afford, am I right? Of course I am. So let's see what Lizzy's working with.

First thing I do is remove the previous day's polish. I do this at night while I'm winding down. I buy the cheapest cotton balls at the grocery store. I used to get the bigger "Jumbo" ones, but those are only 70/$1 and these smaller ones are 100/$1 and I can pull them in half and they still work.

For the actual remover I use acetone based "strong nails" remover. 97cents/bottle for generic. Here's that and half my cotton ball pile in halves.

I started using this "soak" method after seeing a tutorial on removing stubborn glitter. People say use 100% acetone but that feels like dry ice on my fingers. Also, this purple remover doesn't evaporate as quickly so I don't need foil. Even for stubborn glitter. I use this method every night when removing my polish. Does that help the "strengthening" part soak in? I don't know, but it doesn't hurt. lol

What next? Oh yeah! I start every mani with basecoat. LA Colors Ultra Nail Hardener basecoat. $1/bottle. It protects against most staining (even more expensive ones don't usually protect against heavily pigmented blues and greens) and my nails don't peel anymore! If you have problems with peeling I highly recommend this basecoat.

I remember Bethany mentioning she didn't have the patience for a whole extra step, but this particular basecoat dries super quick. One or two minutes after my last nail and I'm ready for polish. Which I'm not super neurotic about. It gets everywhere and I'm a chronic over-stroker. Three strokes per nail? Puh-leeze. Try 20. Unless I'm forewarned that a particular polish will look shitty otherwise, I just keep painting until it looks smooth and... ya know, right.

See? That's what my nails look like after painting. Which brings me to the one product I do splurge a little on. My bottle of 100% acetone for cleanup. This bottle lasts forever, though. I think it's $3 and I only have to get a new one every 3-4 months. The brush is a "concealer" brush by elf and cost $1 and I've been using this same one for a year so far.

You can skip that if you're a meticulous painter, but I am not. Even when I try I have these little bits of skin that sort of raise up along the edge of my nails and I can either keep those clean and have bare spots or just get polish on them and clean up after. All of that gets done at night before bed. I have my freebie quick-dry drops if I think it's necessary, but I don't always use those and, like I said, they were free-with-purchase. Swatch time! That comes in the morning after I wake up.

That's two coats of Secret Admirer. Ever have one of those? I haven't. Not that I've been made aware of, anyway. :( Aw. LOL *ahem* Anyways, two coats. I like the shimmer. There's a lot of it, but it's a dark enough grey that it doesn't detract from the black base. Yes, I had a spazzy moment and messed up my polish a bit, but it's getting covered in glitter anyways.

Then I go back inside to apply my second color or glitter or art or whatever. Depends on the day. Depending on what I'm doing I may topcoat before bed or after this step. Or both. I use NutraNail Speed Dry. It retails for $1.97/bottle and I believe the blister pack says "45 Seconds", but I give it about 5 minutes before seeing if it's dry to the touch. I don't wanna mess everything up this late in the game. LOL

Today's glitter is Sinful Colors Full Spectrum. They had a few that look like the China Glaze Prismatics and if I were a tad more on the ball I would have compared it to Full Spectrum. I do have two more so I'll try to remember when those come up. ;) Also, can't tell I spazzed out can you? Glitter is also good for covering up oopsies.

This is only one coat layered over Secret Admirer. I don't think the teensy glitters are quite as dense in the SC version, but then this isn't three coats either. lol Does have the same kind of weird rainbow mix of small glitter, though. Oh, and I did topcoat this.

That's about it. Then the cycle begins again after dinner. lol I didn't know where else to put these since I don't really mess with my nails unless one breaks or they get so long it hurts to type. Also, I don't really use the cuticle pusher either. I use my nails. Bad Lizzy! I know. :p Still, 22 years and no infections or anything so it must be okay. No special creams or lotions either. Just whatever I happen to be putting on other parts of my body gets rubbed into my nail/cuticle area as well.

Oh, I picked those up at Dollar Tree for a buck each. lol So there you have it. My daily routine and what I use to get these awesomesauce swatches out to you every day. ;) Nails on a budget. Some people are raised believing that "cheap" or "generic" products just aren't as good as expensive name brands; which may have been true 50 years ago. Standards are different now and even generic brands are still brands trying to compete for our cash. And since they're cheap do not be afraid to try a low-priced alternative to see if it works for you! Better to lose $1 on a potentially crummy product than $6 paying more for something that doesn't really work that much better. If I paid $3/bottle on remover every week that's a whole bottle of Sinful Colors I couldn't get. Or one less bottle of Zoya in a month! Insanity!! hehehe

Okay, I hope you found that enjoyable and/or informative. I promised Marie I'd crochet her another hat so I'm going to start on that before getting re-absorbed into Simworld. Hope everybody has a great weekend! Come back tomorrow and marvel as I finally finish swatching my massive (not really) OPI collection!


  1. Really enjoyed this post! I will have to check on that L.A. Colors polish, I have a terrible time with my nails peeling, and for a buck you can't go wrong. Also I'm curious about where you get your Onyx Acetone remover from? I get the same thing from Wal-Mart for around $1 for the 4oz or and around $3 for the 16oz bottle.

    1. Yay! Glad you liked it. :D Yeah, I get it from Walmart. I purchased the small bottle a long time ago and now I get the larger bottle and refill the small one. ;) I know Walmart has the LA Colors basecoat, but I've seen it at Dollar Tree, too. Hope you can find it. It's like a cheap little miracle. lol

  2. I should go and try to find that base coat you use -- I'm not satisfied with mine. I highly recommend the acetone scrubby jar from target. Its called ''dip it" and its white with blue text. Everyone I got to use it says they'll never go back to cotton balls! Also, its pretty cheap. I think two bucks and some change and it lasts forever + you can just refill it with acetone when it gets low. I add a few drops of glycerin and a splash of water to it and its not drying either but just as strong as pure acetone. Makes glitter removal sooo much easier

    1. Oh awesome! I'll check that out next time I'm in Target. :D I had something like that.... 18 years ago (I'm old.... lol) but it wasn't that great. Will be nice to see how they've improved.

  3. Glitter removal is always a pain but some colours are worth it :)

    1. Totally worth it! As long as I don't run across another that causes me to break a nail trying to get it off. :p LOL


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