Monday, March 11, 2013

Sinful Colors: Orange Cream & Hard Candy: Peach Pop

OMG Did I move to Hawaii? Cuz my blog keeps getting bombarded with SPAM! :p Seriously, I love blogger's spam catcher. 95% accurate. Otherwise this place would be a mess by the time I got here to clean it all up. Thanks blogger. :) FYI, I do like SPAM. My granny makes a killer cassarole with it.

How do I keep ending up with unexpected weirdness?! LOL Okay, we're starting off with two coats of Orange Cream.

Which I thought was totally dry, but I do have some sheetmarks. Orange Cream is either a very light peach or a veeeeeery pastel orange. Regardless I used it as a base for Hard Candy's Peach Pop. One coat.

Which... uhm... is pretty orange. LOL It's got small white-silver and dark-orange/pink/red glitter depending on what kind of light you're looking at it.

Taken on their own they're both really pretty springtime fresh colors. When you compare them and consider their names...

LOL!! It's a good thing they weren't released by the same company or I'd have to wonder if somebody was going a tad color-blind.

Alexis is at it again! Look at how good she's gotten!

Is it wrong to be jealous of my own cousin? Holy crap those are some impressive cupcakes. I'll be going in the totally opposite direction for tomorrow. Budding Romance will be in the mailbox in an hour or so (of this I am certain) and I'll be bustin' out some ugly-chic. I am so excited about this idea. Just wait. OMG I wish these were Pure Ice polishes I was about to use so I could make that snotty troll seriously vomit. In case you missed it, check out this post at the bottom. Now imagine an evil mad polish-scientist cackle here.

Time to start dinner. We're having our corned beef and cabbage tonight since my dad won't be here for St Patrick's day. I can finish Marie's hat while that's boiling, and I'll leave you with some off-topic information. Though Mercury is still in retrograde the moon is now waxing and Spring is right around the corner! If you have problems committing to spring cleaning now is the time to write out the list of everything you hope to get accomplished. It's really nice here in central Texas, nearing 70degrees and only a slight breeze so I've started opening windows to clear out the stale air. Those of you in colder regions fear not! Spring is coming. :) Hope everyone had a phenomenal weekend!!


  1. we're supposed to have snow flurries makes me doubt that spring will ever get here! and yeah i like the colors but the names lie! lol

    1. lol It'll get there. Just stay warm in the meantime. ;) Yeah, it's kind of a weird coincidence that the names ended up reversed like that. Might not have even noticed if I hadn't used them together.

  2. Awwww peachy pops wasn't as cute as I imagined :( it's still a cute polish and good for spring :)

    1. Oh noes! Sorry. :/ Hopefully the Gummy Green will make up for it.


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