Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sinful Colors: Bombshell

Hi y'all. Today is kind of a posting FAIL, so bear with me as we struggle through it. LOL First off I totally forgot the two green SC glitters I picked up. Instead of doing them both like I probably should have, I picked Bombshell. Forgot to compare it to the corresponding prismatic. *facepalm* Anyway, here's Bombshell. Two coats over black with topcoat.

Dang, it's really windy outside.... Anyway, I also didn't realize that tomorrow is St Patrick's Day. My ma-in-law's birthday is the 18th and that's when my hubby's family would celebrate Paddy's day (or maybe they celebrated her birthday on the 17th?) so we got a little confused. Since we already celebrated here last weeked I think I'm going to go with family tradition and post my "theme" mani Monday and go ahead and use those smiley faces tomorrow. I don't think anybody would seriously object to that, right? Good. ;) Oh, here's a close-up of Bombshell so you can see that micro-green base glitter a bit better.

The base on this was really thick. Like, really really thick. My black was totally dry when I started, but Bombshell melted it. That's, actually, why I busted out my quick-dry topcoat. The base was so thick that it wasn't drying like a dense glitter is supposed to! :p

And... that's it. Hardly worth getting out of bed for, huh? Still chugging along on Sims. Hard to make progress pausing every 30 seconds to make sure each of the six Sims is doing what they're supposed to. I do have the teenager (who will be getting me the "earn each degree with one sim" badge) all prepped and ready for his first trip to college. Just waiting for graduation in a couple of Sim-days. His older brother is at Level 7 in the cooking career. Few more days and he'll get the "five star chef" badge and can move out. Just hope the badges I earned last night auto-update to the site when I load it up like they're supposed to. >_< Anyways, y'all be extra safe this weekend! Normal weekends are bad enough, but when people get the green-light (no pun intented) to get wasted.... *sigh* Just be safe.


  1. Shame is a bit thick but it looks great on the nails :)

    1. Glad you like it. Took me some getting used to, but it's like a little green party. :)


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