Saturday, March 23, 2013

Revlon: Aquamarine +Aqua Violet Compare +Plus

Hiyee..... Guess who forgot today was Saturday! *waits*.... Yep. It was me. :p Sorry Sinful Colors. And sorry Revlon, because Aquamarine looks so magically beautiful indoors by my monitor light, but the sunshine kinda dulls it out... actually... maybe they should be apologizing to me about that! What's up with that, Revlon?! lol I wish I had a good low-light camera that would accurately capture these colors because it is seriously mesmerizing right now. In the dark. By monitor light. Outside it's still pretty, but the purple hides! Oh let me just show you.

Pretty. :) This is three coats, no topcoat. You can kind of see the purple in the close-up angle.

Kind of... Okay, so I picked up Aquamarine and Topaz thinking I was being all slick. HEB had a $2.50 coupon so they were only $5.50 instead of $8... which wasn't much comfort after I realized they're only .29oz. That's only .02oz more than the new essence bottles! (China Glaze is a full .5oz) No wonder I rarely buy Revlon... So, anyway, I thought I was being all saavy with my selections... until I was going through my stash page and realize that Aquamarine is suspiciously close to Models Own Aqua Violet. OMG How spoiled am I getting that I forgot about Aqua Violet?! Oh well, I guess it gives me a chance to compare the two for you.

Luckily for me they're not exact dupes. They are close enough that if you're drooling for Aqua Violet then Aquamarine should do it for you.

So, I alluded to the reworked essence display (I did do that, right?) and here are the pictures!

We've got four Nude Glam polishes, a gel topcoat, french manicure guide stickers and some little butterfly/flower decals.

A mini stamping kit with stamper, scraper and plate, silver and gold glitter/rhinestone doodads and dotting tool! Way to go essence!

I picked up a packet of the french tip guides, because I've got some curved-taping ideas in mind. Also, while we were at Dollar Tree I picked up what looks like flocking powder.

I don't know how well neon will show, and the vials look a little small for a full mani, but it will be fun to experiment. Still don't know what happened to those other doodads I picked up and have no idea how I got two packs of the flakies.... Frustrating. :p I think tomorrow I'm going to go with some neon orange and test out those strips and the flocking powder. hehehe Probably not on all nails, but at least one. Dip my toes, so to speak. In the meantime it's time to feed the kitties and then check the news websites because something big was going down out here and I kinda want to know what it was. Y'all be safe out there and have a great weekend! :D


  1. Ooh did you pick up any others in the revlon chroma line?

    1. Just Aquamarine and Topaz. They're kind of expensive especially considering I have dupes (or near dupes) for all of them. Except Topaz. :) My first green-blue duo.

    2. Yea they are expensive for the amount you get. You're lucky that you found such a good deal at heb -- my heb doesn't sell any makeup :(

    3. Oh noes! :( Do you have an HEB Plus nearby? I have three relatively nearby and the makeup section is pretty impressive. OPI and essie and essence and sometimes Color Club. Even the smaller HEB has some things. :/ Now I feel bad.... lol

    4. I've never heard of heb plus!


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