Friday, March 8, 2013

Pure Ice: Taxi & Gift Of Gold

Were you ever very nearly late for school? You know, the kind of late where you're hauling ass down the street and across the grass and down the hall and sliding through the classroom doorway just as the bell rings? That's how I feel right now. Sims has totally taken over my nights and you know I like taking my pictures in daylight so I'm having some serious schedule conflicts. LOL As such, today is all about making lemonade out of lemons. Not that these polishes are lemons.... I'm a lemon. :p Okay, okay, let's get on with this. First up I have two... maybe three coats of Taxi. I forget.

Taxi is a sheer purple with gold shimmer. It's not maddeningly sheer, but even as overcast as it was this morning you can see the VNL.

Then on Ms Righty I have three coats of Gift of Gold.

I know this is three, because it was two and then I totally borked up two of my nails and so I went over 'em again with a third coat. :p

Part of me was going to start over, but... I had Sims to get to. Also I thought this was a perfect opportunity. Not all of us are neurotic, perfectionist nail bloggers (not even me LOL) and are more likely to just patch up a mistake/accident than start all over. Yeah, it doesn't look great and will look patched, but there are ways to disguise it! Unless you're a super lemony spazz like myself and even this lemonade tips over. *grr*

Don't you just love how straight and perfect my lines came out? Especially on Ms Righty there. :p Okay, maybe they're not that bad, and it does still illustrate my point. The patchwork on my right middle and index fingers isn't near as obvious as it was before the stripes. And, hey, like what I did there with getting my two different hands to sort of match? Eh? Eh?! LOL Also, if I wasn't about to take this off in five minutes I'd add some topcoat and that would smooth everything out. Topcoat is a lifesaver for smoothing out patches and sheetmarks especially. You don't even have to throw down for Seche Vite either. I use Nutra Nail Speed Dry ($2 at Walmart) and it works just fine. Maybe I'll do a post showing how I do my nails and what products I use. That way you can see all the cheap crap I use and how well it works. Of course I can't compare it to more expensive brands because I just don't have that kind of money (I'd rather have more polish :p), but I have had some questions on my nails and keeping them long and breakage and stuff and, hey, we're all on some kind of budget, right? I think I'll do that.

Tomorrow's Sinful Saturday! Got my polishes all picked out and ready. I've decided not to pre-order the Jesse gumdrop texture polishes. Money's been really tight and I didn't qualify for any of the nine surveys I took last night. :/ That's okay. I don't even know if I'm going to grab any Butter Londons on the 15th or just try to save up for the (possible) upcoming Zoya Earth Day sale... I guess we'll find out next Friday, eh? Y'all be safe out there and have a phenomenal weekend! :D


  1. I'm not buying anymore more polish either -- saving up for the zoya earth day myself. I also decided to not buy the China glaze holos since they are pretty expensive and the holo isn't that strong....I picked up the jade holos instead :P I would love to see a post on how you care for your nails!

    1. I have a couple of Jade holos. They're pretty fantastic. Which ones did you get? I should have the post ready tomorrow. Got most of the pictures already. ;) lol

    2. I got the red and the two pinks (even though I'm not really into pinks, the colors are unique to my tiny holo stash) and the gold. Basically, just whatever holo colors I didn't already have since I have the color club collection. I really want to try the FNUG holos cause I hear they are the best but at 14.50 for a 8ml bottle...! And the colors are just pastel blue, pastel green and silver :( we will see!

    3. Yeah, $14.50 is pretty insane. Still hard not to want them, though... lol I want to try the Layla ones. :D So many pretty holos!!

    4. Yeah I'm starting to think I have a problem

    5. hehehehe We all do. ;) No worries, this is a safe haven. LOL

  2. Your lines look great! Especially on your right hand, it's the same for me weirdly hhaah :)


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