Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pure Ice: Sugar Cookie & Show Stopper +Bioshock Midnight Release

Hello, everybody! Before I forget again, I had no issues removing the Nail Fraud nail strips. They came off just like normal polish, even with the adhesive. Second, the Pure Ice contest is only open on Twitter and Instagram. No facebook entries this time. Which puts me in a bit of a tight spot having neither of those accounts. I feel like there was a third thing, but I can't remember now. If I do I'll let ya know. ;) Oh yeah! Dosh finally came in the mail yesterday. Took it four days to get here from Ft Worth. lol

Okay, so I wasn't going to use Sugar Cookie as my base, but Show Stopper did not perform well over the black. So I'm starting off with three coats of Sugar Cookie. Another ultra-sheer limited edition polish from Pure Ice that, apparently, has three different versions floating around out there? The one I have is a sheer pink with irridescent (one day I'll remember how to spell that without looking it up) glitters and shimmer.

This is pretty. I was going to layer it over silver, but that totally washed it out. Would look nice layered over a pastel pink, though.

So my idea was to layer Show Stopper (not to be confused with another Pure Ice polish Showstopper which is not crackle and not red, though the exact color escapes me) over Irresistable, but it was too sheer and the red didn't show. For some reason I started thinking of candy canes so I decided to angle the cracks this time.

The weird thing on this one is that it's heavily pigmented, but I already mentioned it's kind of sheer. o_O Yeah. I do like this angled crackle look, though. Pretty wicked.

Tomorrow is WTF Wednesday and I'll be pulling out a Sinful Colors to make up for the skipped Saturday and layering over another color that I have too much of and have put off wearing forever. ;) C'mon back!

So last night was the midnight release for Bioshock Infinite. We've been die-hard Game Stoppers since they opened, despite several ups and downs. Now, though, they're really trying to show out; especially for these midnight release parties. Because how fun is it to go pick up your game and encounter someone from the game?!

Not a lot of information was pre-released so he went for the vibe of "The Founders" and included his favorite vigor (power) the Murder of Crows.

He was a big hit and everybody loved it. Since he went all out he got 20% off of his game, which is an open offer for future game midnight-releases. They want it to be an event! We had already paid off Bioshock months ago so Aaron decided to be super sweet and instead of getting the strategy guide he put the extra money towards my Sims Island Paradise pre-order. Aw! :) That's love. Here's a close up of his crow vigor:

It's smaller than he wanted, but we had to order it off of amazon at near-last-minute. Still, the extra touches of the red eye and torn flesh really made the difference. One of the employees ordered the replica sky-hook and so there was a parking lot face-off between The Founders and the Vox Populi!

All in all it was a pretty fun night. There was one interesting guy there, beard, tattoos, green plastic eyeglasses... playing a ukulele. Even the one... *ahem* guy who developed an instant and intense crush on me (why is there always one at these things?!) wasn't too much of a problem. Aaron spent most of the night talking to him to keep him away from me. Which gave me enough free time to decide I really want a Nintendo DS.... LOL So, yeah, pretty awesome. :)

Time to head out and pick up dinner. Hope everyone's having a great week. :D


  1. I like the sideways crackle a lot! And omg I TOTALLY forgot that BioShock infinite came out yesterday, thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thank you. :) And you're very welcome. lol He's been playing almost non-stop. Kinda glad I didn't have the South Park game to get attached to. :p

  2. You are going to love Infinite. I haven't been able to put it down! Lovely nails!

    1. Thank you! :D Yeah, he definitely seems to be enjoying it. I haven't decided yet if I will or not, but I do like that there aren't any 'online' achievements. ;)


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