Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pure Ice: Jaguar +Flower Water Marble +Julep April Box

Hi, everybody! Yep. I did it. I have a Twitter account. *sigh* I was kind of surprised that the username I wanted was available.... but I got it and I did it and I posted up my Pure Ice springtime flower entry and we will see. The only other entry I saw on Twitter (still don't have an instagram) looked pretty good, but it's hard to tell if she used Pure Ice colors, which I think should be mandatory for a Pure Ice contest. Does that sound catty? Sorry. But it should. :p

So I started out my water marble with two coats of Jaquar. My right hand here has three coats for swatching purposes and it's still a touch sheer from certain angles.

I had intended to compare this to Gift Of Gold because they look like the same polish with different names. If you want me to swatch them side-by-side just let me know! Otherwise I'll forget. lol

Okay, I'm going to say this here for all of you to know: This water marble was hard! The polish dried so quickly!! LOL I had to move quick, but I managed to get it done.

I took my pics with a matte topcoat so you could see the detail. I couldn't find the exact video, but I accomplished this flower design using a combination of this video and this clover one. Midway between the two.

Okay, so the colors I used are: Excuse Me, Desire You, and Naughty Girl. If you want to enter the Pure Ice spring flower contest, then take a pic of your best springtime flower mani and post it up on either Twitter or Instagram with #Pureicespring! Here's the picture I entered:

*fingers crossed* :)

I got my Julep box yesterday! It came with these inserts:

and, of course, my goodies!

Kaylen (orange), Lena (teal), some rock candy and the cuticle serum. You can see the bottle and description here; it's like a tube with a twist-part at the botttom and a brush up top. It says to use it 2x/day for two weeks then once a week after. OMG They're selling it for $28!! $22.40 with the Maven discount. Holy dang. So, I'm figuring first thing in the morning and then after clean-up would make the most sense. Let's see, today's Sunday so I'm going to leave myself a note to update y'all next Sunday on how I think it's working. :)

Since I did decide to go ahead with the Pure Ice entry I'll swatch Guinevere tomorrow. No sense leaving y'all in suspense any longer. lol Super excited! It's supposed to rain this week, but hopefully I'll get enough light for that one. Okay, it's getting late. Time to get this marble off and start dinner! Happy Easter, Frohe Ostern and Blessed Ostara! Or, happy Sunday, if you prefer. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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    1. Doesn't it? I was a bit worried about the gold shimmer, but it's drawing me in. lol

  2. Your water marble came out really good! Good luck on the contest. I am one of the few that still doesn't have twitter or instagram :P

    1. Thank you! :) Yeah, I held out as long as I could... still trying to suck up to the new Pure Ice social media girl so I'm counting it as extra face-time. LOL


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