Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pure Ice: I'll Never Tell & I'll Behave

Strange news, everybody! So, as you'll see in a moment, last night I decided to go for a big chop. Got everything down to even and was pro-active this time so I could (more or less) decide how short to go instead of waiting for a break to make that decision for me. (oh hey, windows updated and now IE has the same auto-spellcheck as Firefox!) They look weird, they feel weird, but it's a lot more comfortable to type. They'll grow back soon enough. lol Second weird thing; I was sitting here deciding what polish to use on my shorties and it occurred to me that I hadn't heard anything from the Pure Ice rep in a while. So I pulled out I'll Never Tell because I was kind of feeling brown.

So short! LOL *ahem* This is two coats. The first was weird, thin and streaky, but the second evened it all out. Took a bit to fully dry, but thankfully that happened before sleep. :p It's got these glass-fleck shimmers that I've read were brown, but they are not. They became naked and exposed during cleanup (some things you only learn if you're a little sloppy and have to go back) and they are sheer/iridescent. They just look brown because the base is brown. So now you know.

I have no idea what I was doing when I decided to add I'll Behave. Suddenly it was like lightning in my brain. "Oh yeah! Those would look good together!"

I knew Pure Ice had a green one of these. LOL This is one coat; small emerald green glitters and medium silver hex glitters. I love these. Love them more being $1.97 instead of OPI's ridiculous $8.50. :p They do have a new liquid sand coming out that I think I'm going to have to get, but... that's another story for another time.

I didn't mention the PI rep for no reason. After the wondering and the Pure Ice polish picking I got an email! The lady I've been working with is moving on to a different company and the new lady should be contacting bloggers in the coming week. *fingers crossed* I know I'm not huge or, really, all that talented, but I'm passionate and dedicated damnit! lol We'll see. I've been lucky and blessed so far so if the new chick passes me over I won't be too hurt by it. I learned long ago I'm not to everybody's taste. ;) So... yeah. We will see. *fingers crossed* for some new Pure Ice lovelies in the future!

Did get to see my ma-in-law yesterday and she was just a barrel of good news. Hopefully hopefully hopefully we'll get to see the nieces and nephew this week while they're on spring break. She gave me some clothes so I'll be trying those on shortly; included was a pair of little booty shorts which struck me as hilarious in a "this should be inappropriate in front of Aaron" kind of way. I don't think they got the joke. It's still kinda early so I'm going to try and figure out what I did with my mp3 player and hop on the bike for a bit... found it. LOL Apparently I dropped it. So, yeah! I'm going to go do that. Swimsuit season is coming. ;) Hope everyone's having a great week!!!

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