Friday, March 29, 2013

Orly: Viridian Vinyl

Hi, everybody! *huge waves* Just a quick post today since tomorrow should be long and picture heavy. lol Today I'm sporting Orly's Viridian Vinyl. It's a bit darker than I imagined it would be. Even so I do like the retro-ness in the color. This is two coats. No topcoat, obviously. lol

Yep, you can see my ridges. I think I'm okay with that. Adds a bit of texture interest? I applied this early yesterday, though, and there's already a bit of tipwear. And I did get a couple of small dings while installing my dishwasher, but they're not as noticeable in real life.

Meh. I still like it. Polish doesn't always have to be super shiny. In case you're curious I did manage to cheat my way through the 15 kids badge on Sims. Sort of. I aged up the two teens I had (who should have moved out long ago) and my "mom" got knocked up with twins and that gave it to me. Just a couple more badges to finish off (like ensorceling 200 Sims, which I'm halfway towards doing) with this family then I guess I'm starting over. Again. BAH!

Anyway, yes! Water marble tomorrow. I'm going to do the pastels over white so no linking tomorrow, but it should be really pretty. lol Happy Friday!! :D


  1. Does this stain your fingers afterwards?

    1. Nope, actually it didn't. I did use a basecoat, though, so that may have been a factor.

  2. That's a nice colour. Love blue shades :)


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