Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nail Fraud Review & LA Colors: Wired

Hi, guys! So, it doesn't look like we'll be heading out to see the kiddies due to schedule conflicts (omg soccer soccer soccer, glad I never took sports as a kid), but I still had to try out these nail art strips. Well, because I started after dinner yesterday and once you start it's too late to go back! Of course I couldn't go a day without linking a polish so there will be toes at the end of this post. Toe Alert! ;)

So, I got these pink cheetah nail strips in my March Nail Art Society package.

Here is the back with directions and a link to their site where they will custom make nail strips! What?!

Here's all the stuff that comes in this little packet.

The nail strips, an 'orange' stick, little emory board and... whatever that other thing is. Like a metallic silver sticker. *shrugs* You get two sets of the nail strips so you can find the size you need twice.

Now, I've tried Sally Hansen and I've also tried some other brand. Sally is just polish with no kind of adhesive and I always have to use half-dried clear polish to get it to stick. The other ones were like stickers. Adhesive on the back and almost no give so it was impossible to get them smooth. These Nail Fraud ones are right in the middle. They're very pliable like the Sally ones, but they also have adhesive! So I was able to stick them right on.

If you have really short nail beds and short nails you may be able to get two applications from each strip. If you cut them in half before you start.

Anyway, you smooth the strip over the nail then use a soft emory board to lightly buff down the strip on the edge.

Until you can just pop the excess off.


Near-instant nail art. I do think I got a bit of shrinkage. Both from the tips and the cuticles ends. I'm sure it's not terribly noticeable from a normal-people distance, but you can see it in the picture. I'm concerned about removal. The SH strips are pure polish and come off with remover. The other sticker ones just peeled off. These say to use normal remover so... we'll see. I'll leave myself a note to mention how that goes tomorrow. Overall, so far, I give these Nail Fraud strips an A-. I love everything about them, except the shrinkage. I really like that they're so specialized that they'll print out your own design. These are $12 on their site, but I did find them on amazon for $11 and eBay for $9.

Now to the toes! This bottle has no label, but after tons of research I'm 95% certain that this is LA Colors Wired.

No idea where or when I got this one. Uhm.... *ugh* This is why I try to get my blog finished before he wakes up. :p I think tomorrow I'm going to try for two essences. Yep, crackle will be involved. I'll probably have to re-do my toes again soon. Added a second coat on my big toes to show the color better then had to bring Jet in and now they're smudgey. *gggrrrr* On the bright side I'm now 61% towards my Sephora haul. Oh, and my landlord's back from Vietnam and says he's going to take care of the shitty new neighbors today. I don't know what his version of "take care of" is (we seriously have not had problems like this in 12 years), or if it will help, but my mom's pissed and the neighbor's in Sandy's old trailer are pissed so hopefully that makes him realize the severity of the situation. 12 years and not once have we complained about anybody. *shrugs* We'll see. Always with the waiting... LOL Take care, y'all! Weekend's almost here. :)


  1. you got it from the DollarTree. I have that one. The name of the polish is on the package but not on the bottle! boo

    1. Super boo! The ones I got from HEB have labels. :p So lazy. lol

    2. Yep, I got the same one from dollar tree to -- label on the pkg not on the bottle

    3. Popular color, huh? lol Shame they did that. Same reason I didn't pick up any of the WnW glitters in the new bottle with the long, skinny stem. The name is on the label hanging off of the neck, but not actually on the bottle!

  2. All the SH strips I've used have had adhesive on them--very strange that yours have not.

    1. That is strange! I got the silver spiderweb ones and the second time I got the same ones from Big Lots, so maybe they're all from a bad batch? I don't know. Just that both times I tried them they weren't sticky. I thought they were supposed to be like that, but I guess not. lol


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