Monday, March 4, 2013

Misa: A Sin Worth Committing (With Pure Ice: Dazzle Me & Hot-Rocks)

Wow... I guess I better get this up before a house falls on me or something. It's bad enough having to keep a bucket under the sink to compensate for faulty plumbing, it's a whole other beast when the handle snaps literally six inches from where it's going to be dumped. Woke up all early and got to the bank on time trying to be responsible and productive and this day has just tried to shit on me at every turn! *ugh* All this after I finally psyched myself up enough to swatch A Sin Worth Committing.

I got this with my first massive head2toebeauty haul. Been so long since I touched it I had to wipe dust off of the bottle. :p A Sin Worth Committing is a rich sapphire blue. This is two coats, but looking at these pics it could have used a third...

Which is weird because I had the same issue with cleanup that I did with Expressionist Red.

I had a whole long thing for that polish, but... meh. Not feeling it anymore; nor the original inspiration for purchasing it. All is not lost, however, as I did manage to get some pics of Dazzle Me before heading to the bank.

Pretty silver glitters in a clear base. This is one coat. I really like it over the dark blue. Like a night sky.

When I left for the bank it was such a nice day out (80degrees and sunny!) I decided "Well, let's see if we can get one more out of the way". So when I got back I came in and grabbed another Pure Ice glitter, Hot-Rocks.

This is also one coat. I've included some of the bottle in the close-up to show you the iridescent potential of the diamonds.

It's hard to tell on the nail, but this particular glitter does have a very faintly tinted base:

You can kinda see the slowly building greyness up towards the top.

I did go to Walgreens yesterday (to be honest, we end up there almost every day) and I was scoping out the polishes. I think after yesterday's purchase I've pretty much tapped out the Sinful Colors offerings. At least until something new comes out.

Candy Coated, Fantasy, In The Spotlight and Bombshell. And... the package tracker says my Zoyas have been delivered so I'm going to go ahead and post this then run to the mailbox and make sure. *fingers crossed* Hope everyone's week is starting out better than mine!


  1. I hope you feel better ~ it sucks having a steadily increasing bad day :( I heard that Revlon is releasing a new duochrome collection though so at least you have something to look forward too :)

    1. Yeah, I saw Lacey post something about that, but I haven't checked it yet to see if there are swatches or just a press release. *fingers crossed* they don't suck! lol

  2. I bet the revlon duochromes don't get here :) All the fun colours we don't get. Can't wait for the zoya swatches.

    1. I did check out the post on them (which was bottle shots, but no swatches) and a lot of them look just like the Eye Candy Color Flip polishes. A little disappointing, but good for people over here who can't find those. lol


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