Sunday, March 24, 2013

LA Colors: Shock +Experiment?

Not entirely sure what to call this. Whatever it is I'll be glad to get it off... but I'm getting ahead of myself! LA Colors Shock is not to blame for this experiment going south. lol Although I was a *tad* disappointed. This is two coats of white and three coats of Shock.

Shock leans a bit more yellowy than I expected. It's pretty awesome and bright, but I definitely would have liked it to be a bit more saturated. You'll get some indoor shots in a sec.

Okay, so I had my base color done and let it dry overnight. Then I took the essence french tip stickers and did like so on all of my fingers:

Then, one finger at a time, I painted a thin layer of Shock and sprinkled my "flocking" powder over it.

Even with the extra sprinkling time I had no issues removing the stickers.

The issue I have, the only issue I have, is that this stuff from Dollar Tree is not flocking powder. :p It's glitter. Which makes it rough and pokey and it's snagging on everything. So if you're going to go out and buy it, just keep that in mind. It is cool looking, but it does not have that soft, fur-like quality.

That said, this mani (I did do all 10 fingers) did not use that much of the glitter. I still have half a vial left. No idea what I'm going to do with it, but I have it.

Okay, so the month is winding down. I think I'll sport my last Julep tomorrow before I forget. Perhaps I'll use the last of my stickers and double it up with Topaz. See if I can't encourage the blue to come out. ;) I want to try the half-moon mani and I think these stickers are the only way I'll be able to accomplish that. See? Doing more art. Like I said I was gonna. LOL Still waiting on Dosh to get here. Taking forever to get here from Ft Worth! 65% of the way to my Sephora haul. Slowly ticking away at that. Everyone enjoying their weekend? I hope so. :) As always if there's anything you want to see just let me know. The link to my Stash Collection Page is up there at the top. Unlinked = Unswatched. lol


  1. You can buy flocking at the hobby stores like Michaels or hobby lobby. They sell them where they sell supplies for miniature train building landscape things.... I used to buy for when I was doing warhammer. Speaking of that, you can also buy it where they sell warhammer stuff lol

    1. No way! LOL We were just looking at the "flower powder" stuff in Hobby Lobby!! Guess I'll be going back. Thanks. :D I never would have put that together.


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