Monday, March 25, 2013

Julep: Marion & Zoya: Storm Half-Moon

Hi guys! Look! *points* Another follower! (^_^)"/" Hiyeee!!! Always exciting. I know I said I was going to do this with Topaz, but then I started thinking about my previous "too subtle" problems and decided to go with a color more contrasting with Marion.... Oh Marion... The formula on this was super thick and pretty much swallowed up the silver shimmer. :( Aw... It is a pretty, dusty blue that leans kind of greenish indoors.

Two thick coats. Thick formula. I think I'll add some thinner to it. I was up almost all night and I still got some hair marks in there.

Pretty, but I would have liked to see more of the shimmer.

Now the fun stuff! I didn't get pictures of the sticker placement, but this is your basic tape technique. I used the last of the essence french-tip stickers (you get 30; is 30 for 99cents a good deal?) and lined up the bottom of the inner curve with my cuticle to create what's called "half moon".

Which I guess it would be if my cuticles weren't so rounded? This is more of a 3/4 waxing gibbous. LOL Anyway... Love this!! One coat of Zoya Storm was perfectly opaque to cover up Marion for this. I did use my quick-dry topcoat to smooth out the layers, but Storm was already dry by the time I got to that. So quick! And the sparkle!!

OOOOoooooooh. Pretty. :) I do like this half-moon look. Chic and easy.

Got an announcement from Pure Ice! You can win 20 bottles by following Pure Ice on Twitter or Instagram and post up your prettiest spring-inspired flower manicure with #Pureicespring. No word on if you can also post on facebook, so I'll let you know. Oh, and the contest ends April 19, so get painting! ;)

Speaking of Pure Ice, tomorrow I've got another "really too dark for Spring" idea that's been gnawing at me so I will be doing that tomorrow. lol Then I'll try to lighten it up again because it is obviously Spring here in Texas.

Tonight we're going to the midnight release for Bioshock Infinite. Aaron was asked to dress for the occassion so I will have pictures of that tomorrow as well. Guess it's time to go and catch up on some emails. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! :)


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