Thursday, March 14, 2013

Julep: Ginger +Quick Uni3 Review

Hello darlings! Is it just me or is all this fresh Spring-time air making anyone else sleepy? Kidding. It's me. I'm always sleepy... LOL St Patrick's Day is coming up fast! So after tomorrow's "it's gonna be sunny!" holo I'll start throwing in some greens until the 18th. Just didn't wanna use 'em all up. Greens are my favorite and I'll be wanting some later. ;)

Today I have Rebel's holo-sister Ginger. These were both from February's Maven box. Still one more non-holo polish to go... Anyway! Ginger is kind of... like ginger. The root. Like Rebel it dried matte and the holo is kinda subtle.

Pretty. Not super-glam-in-your-face holo, but pretty in it's subtlety. This is two coats, dried quick and smooth.

The holo was kind of shy, even in glaring daylight, so I took a bazillion pictures (okay, maybe 10 from 3 different angles) trying to capture it. Here's a bonus angle!

There you have it. Ginger. I double-checked the weather channel and tomorrow is supposed to be clear skies again so I'll be pulling out a more in-your-face holo courtesty of Color Club. Which one? Don't know yet. lol Have to come back and check. ;) Then for Friday I think I'll kick off the festivities by stealing borrowing some inspiration from Abbie's gold chain idea. I wonder if I can manipulate it into a shamrock... We'll see. We will soon see.

For any of you Sims freaks out there who may have been a tad disappointed in how easy it was to get through college in Sims 2; you have to pick up University Life for Sims 3. So much more college-like. Each week in college is like a semester. You can go for one or two weeks at a time and can take up to three classes at a time. What this means is on the lower-extreme you can take one class Mon/Wed/Fri with lecture and lab Tue/Thur and go home for summer/winter break; doing this 8 times will get you your degree. Or if your young sim is a little over-achiever and manages to ace a portion of the aptitude test (giving you some head-start credits) you can manage to get their degree in one shot by taking three classes Mon/Wed/Fri (plus lecture&lab) for two weeks. Or any combination in between. Want to go for four two-week one-class stints and pretend they're on summer vacation between? You can do that! So much flexibility. If you just want the degree, you can knock it out pretty quickly. If you want to hang around and socialize and really delve into the on-campus stuff, you can do that too! The clique-ey stuff is kind of meh... It's cool having different things you can unlock interacting with different social groups, but if you're busy with other stuff (college and, later, a job) it's hard to keep up with. Which I guess is kinda how it is in real life. lol I can imagine people saying things like "the relationship transmogrifier app is totally cheating!", but... whatever. :p Don't use it. I've got so much else slowing up my game it's nice to be able to make instant friends when I need them, and it takes forever to unlock anyway. PlantSims are back, but I haven't had the chance to mess with them yet. Aaron has... sorta. He grew a bunch of them, and he says it's easy to keep their needs up. Then, he did have one get struck by lightning while hydrating itself in the rain... Things to look out for.

I guess that's it. C'mon back tomorrow for some Color Club holo goodness. :) Happy polishing!


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