Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Essence: Rich & Pretty and Wet n Wild: Vampish Red

Hi, everybody! (^_^)"/" So I decided to go with the "backup" polish(es). I will do the other at some point, I just am not in the mood for seriously ugly nails (yeah, I know what I said) and I decided I had to get Vampish Red swatched and out of the way. It was mocking me. I don't know if I remember wearing it waaaay back when I picked it up (I'm sure I must have), but I had a feeling it was going to end up being sheer. So I grabbed essence Rich & Pretty as a base thinking it would apply similar to Icy Princess, but it did not...

It did dry fairly quickly like most of the color & go polishes, but this one is way more sheer than I expected. It's a nice off-silver (barely bronze?) and I love the name. I wanna be rich and pretty.... *pouts* LOL

So Vampish Red is the last of my pre-psychosis collection! That's a pretty huge milestone. So huge, in fact, that a bitty baby bee decided to join me in celebration.

Yeah... I didn't even realize that little bugger was on my finger until I pulled the pics off of my camera. -_- lol This is two coats of Vampish Red and you can kinda see Rich & Pretty peeking out from underneath. I don't know if it's the polish or it's age, but this one was drying as I was applying it.

Not a super thrilling WTF Wednesday. Sorry 'bout that. We're supposed to have clear skies for the rest of the week so perhaps I'll pick a holo for tomorrow. Perhaps Ginger... What's tomorrow... Thursday? Yeah.... I'll do Ginger tomorrow and then one of the Color Clubs on Friday. Woah! I'm down to 68 unworn out of 641 total. Just over 10% unworn. *happydance* Until Friday... still no idea what's going to happen Friday. hehehe *ahem* Y'all hang in there. Week's almost over! :D


  1. 10% unworn!? I bet I have less than 10% UNworn. Good thing I don't keep track. :)

    I wouldn't have expected that vampy to be sheer--interesting.

    1. lol I'm knocking down the list. Can't have any of my preciouses feeling unwanted or left out. lol Yeah, it was a weird one. Sorta sheer and definitely not red. *shrugs*

  2. Replies
    1. Mine, too. ;) The Vampish Red is kinda... meh. lol


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